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  1. you know what, i have only been on differin for 3 weeks but i'm already quitting. I have decided to only use it as a spot treatment, and instead going try the healthy routine (supplement, exercise, eating healthy and alot of water) i don't know if you should quite or not since i haven't got much experience, but you should do what you feel is best for you and your skin, good luck !!
  2. i feel that i need differin to stop future breakout since i scar very easily. Than i can rather deal with my scars and hyperpigmentation instead of the acne . Okay that sounds like a good idea, but just watch that the IB doesn't get so bad that it itself does more damage to your skin than the original acne would have yes, hopefully the worst of the ib has allready happened (not likely, but crossing my fingers). But i'm going to start taking supplements to take care of the inside of my bo
  3. i feel that i need differin to stop future breakout since i scar very easily. Than i can rather deal with my scars and hyperpigmentation instead of the acne .
  4. btw: have you been getting dry because of differin? because that seems to be very common for most differin users, but i haven't experience the slightest dryness at all . . .hmm
  5. For a few days now, I have been franticly searching for peoples experience with differin, especially people of Asian descent. I’m Vietnamese, and I truly believe that people’s skin is different from each other, particularly when it comes to differen race. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find many Asian people that have been using differin before, and therefore kind of made me even more unsure if this would work for me . . . Therefore I’m going to write down my own progress and some skincar
  6. previous of differin I had mild to moderate acne. It could go a weeks or two without any big breakouts, and then suddenly two on my cheeks or forhead. The most annyoing thing is the hyperpigmentation left behind that last for months or even years. When I started getting acne, it all happened on my forhead. Then suddenly the acne decided to travel down to my cheeks, and there is where it has stayed every since . . I'm thinking about posting pictures of my face, but to afraid of actually doing i
  7. I know what you are going through right now. I have just passed 2 weeks on differin, and my face is really breaking out ( about 8-12 big, red pustules ). But i'm going to stick with differin for at least 3 months, since it takes time before it shows improvment. Good luck Tom, and just remember that there is alot of us struggling together, and we will get clear skin sooner or later ! : ))
  8. hey guys i haved been on differin for a little over 1 weeks now, (only applying every other day). i have been experiencing more break out faster than normal, and I have more pimples on my face than i usually get( i have about 6-9 active breakout, in comparison to one or two) is this a normal reaction to differin? thanks beforehand !
  9. i'm going to apply differin on my face soon for the first time, yikes ! just wondering if i should start applying every other night or every night ? i'm just afraid to aggrovate my skin . .
  10. Hi everyone ! I was on the fence about starting Differin, but after reading through the whole "diary" I have decided to give it a try. I haven't used an acne-medication for almost 2 years, and I have noticed that my skin has been becoming worse these past months. So after much deliberation, I am now starting my own Differin journey. And if you guys allow me, I would like to share my journey with you guys ) Here are some backgroung about me and my skin : I'm soon turning 18 (18.juli ),
  11. hiiii ! i have been trying to exercise around 3 times a week for around 30-60 minutes. But it is very difficult for me to actually start exercising because i hate it. I'm kind of the typical asian girl who is naturally skinny without doing anything, so in other words, i'm extremely lazy. So how can i become better with sticking to my exercise regimee ?
  12. Hi fellow acne-sufferers .. I have been suffering from acne since i was 12-13 years old, and i'm soon turning 18 (18.juli, wiii ) For the last 2 years my acne have been mild incomparison to a more moderate breakout that i'm used to. However, for the last 3 months I have been experiencing more acne on my face, first as small bumps but then developed into full mountain acne. I haven't used any spesific acne-products for 1-2 years, only cleasing, (sometimes toning) and moisturizer. Therefor
  13. angelcream


    so my face have yet again became a popular spot for zits to visit .. the reason behind my breakout is yet unknown, but i just started to eat alot of food. so to clarify what i mean about "eat alot of food" is that since i have to wake up early to go to school, i usually skipped eating breakfast and lunch and then ate dinner at around 4:30. But lately i have started to eat breakfast ( two-3 slices of break ) and lunch (3-4 slices of break and sometimes some fruit), and that around the
  14. angelcream

    HELP !

    when i was in america for a month, my face started to break out again. the heat and sweat made my face react badly, and huge pimples started to apear on my forhead. anyway, i have been home for a few days and my face has calmed down ( i live in norway). but the problem is that my forehead is covered in pores ! i don't know what to do to make them go away, and i seriously need your guys help ! ps: i'm just using the basis sensitiv skin bar and switches between dermalogica clean start mois
  15. everything actually, I plan on not bringing to much stuff when traveling. And since products are much cheaper in the US than in Norway, i would like to try out new cleansers, toners and mousturizers, and expecially masks and exfoliants. The only consern i have is that i'm scared that my face will break out again, therefore need your help :D