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  1. Hi! I'm a 17 yr old girl and starting Accutane on the 27th (hopefully). My crappy skin is mostly on my chin/mouth area and forehead, but I also have it on my chest/shoulders(?!)/back too . It's super lameeee! I feel ya on the anxiety/depression stuff. Sometimes it just feels sooo unfair. Anyway, just stopping by to say Hi and just to let you know, your skin is really not that bad, and I'm sure you will clear up beautifully, because you already have a naturally pretty face! And I am not just say
  2. Yeah, I haven't been on the site much lately, either. I'm sooo happy you're starting to clear up! There really is a marked difference and your skin is starting to look awesome. I don't think the no-dryness is something to worry about at all, just be thankful for it! Hopefully I will get my prescription on the 27th! Unless Retin-A magically clears up my skin by then...not likely. I might keep a log, but I'd be so bad at updating it, lol, but we'll see. Does your doctor make you take birth contr
  3. hey! thanks for stopping by my log!! i guess you'll be getting your prescription soon!! that's so exciting :) :) keep me updated!

  4. Hellllooo! I just started reading your log and I am happy I found you, because we have lotttss in common! I am also 17 and a senior, and sooo done with my acne, especially since I'm going to college for theatre in the fall and appearance really matters. And we're like the exact same height/weight too which is exciting. From your pictures we have similar type of acne (BLECH I hate that word.) I can tell your skin is going to look so beautiful when you're done, though! Anyway, I'm not on Accutane
  5. Well to gain weight, I basically stopped caring what I ate, and ate whatever I wanted. It's kind of the only way I could "get over it". I have a MAJOR sweet tooth and I know that probably played a role. I do eat a lot. I seem to have a somewhat fast metabolism though. I exercise moderately. I have been on antibiotics; I'm actually on Doryx right now, as well as Retin-a micro, but my skin just gets worse and worse I'm starting to feel reallly hopeless. And yeah, I am stressed a lot. Staying c
  6. I realized that no one else in my immediate or extended family has ever had acne like I do. Of course they would get "pimples" like normal people, but nothing near the moderate acne that I have. In fact, most if not everyone in my entire family has enviably smooth, even skin. So I find this pretty weird, considering acne is genetic a lot of times, and I'm wondering what it could mean. Maybe my skin is sensitive? Or could it be some sort of dietary deficiency? Hormonal imbalance? I have no idea
  7. Well cool, I'm glad some of you liked this list! It kind of helped me to write it, too, haha. And to whoever said this was "nothing special," Yeah, I agree, but it's the little things you repeat to yourself that end up making the difference. You're not just going to read some magical statement that will make you feel better about yourself, it starts with You
  8. I've decided to make a list of techniques I use to keep myself from wallowing in misery, in hopes that someone else can benefit from it. I realized that yes, some things in life will always suck, whether it be acne, those last few pounds, your shyness, your short eyelashes, your thin hair, WHATEVER. Something's always gonna suck. Sometimes, yes, it feels like acne is the End of the World. You feel like laying in bed with the covers over your head all day and sad music playing and spiraling in