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  1. to all the vitamin "junkies": most of your questions if not all have been answered many times in this thread... the rest probably can't be answered or they are too trivial...
  2. Looking forward to it! @Valtsu: Thanks for the blog, it's also interesting. I saw the author post on wholehealthsource many times, didn't know he had a site too... I agree with that... He's really a unique fellow. The only point I'm having trouble agreeing with him, is his preference for fruits as the main carb providers. He doesn't seem to like starches, except in small quanitities. Art Ayers doesn't recommend starches in his anti-inflammatory diet either. I don't suspect starches in
  3. Denken: depends on the sugar... People like Ray Peat for example, who has written a lot of well researched articles about nutrition, recommends eating a lot of fruits. Sugar is not necessarly bad. If you have a bad digestion (due to bad sleep cycle or other causes) I agree that very high doses of refined sugar definetly would cause problems. However fruits are meant to be eaten on an evolutionary standpoint (so the plant can disperse its seed....) but only if they are seasonal. So fruits in the
  4. The problem with these studies is that they use isolated fructose in VERY high doses. One can't conclude that this also applies to fructose as it's found naturally and eaten with fruits . In fruits, a vast amount of other nutritients are found too, forming a big complex (syngergistic). So, avoid HCFS, yes, but fruits, not necesserarily, especially if there's more glucose than fructose. Glucose helps fructose absorption.
  5. I was wondering how a short nap/siesta after lunch would influence the melatonin cycle. Does anyone have information concerning this topic? Sleeping during the day is very common in some cultures (i.e. Spain, Middle-East)...
  6. this thread: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Zinc-Zinc...ul-t243340.html + no/few fructose, lactose, gluten and polyunsatured oils will get you cured almost certainly! No need for low-carb (which also works) or meds/facials etc.
  7. Ok, time to post some anecdotal results: I was away 2 weeks taking vacation by the sea. I got at least 2 hours of direct sunlight a day, usually around 13-15h. I was eating everything including considerable amounts of soft drinks. I also got to bed pretty late (around 2 o'clock) and not reguarly, but I used to sleep very well and long (9h+ each day). Result: My acne was greatly reduced, NO cysts at all, only a pimple maybe every two days or so. So far this really supports the theory. Now, I'm
  8. Hey guys, I also got off the wagon the last weeks. I 'cheated' a few times with beer and some very carb-heavy days here and there. I decided to loosen up the diet significantly, I spent lot of time reading various low-carb approaches. LC always seems to work at least a little bit. Anyway, I have to agree with sweedy here: I highly doubt that the 'candida' we're talking about (systemic) is concercing us at all... If you look at ALL working candida diets (in the sense of acne reduction), all they
  9. denken, you can buy almost all vitamins (cheaply) from iherb.com They send to Europe, and the delivery is very fast (for me it's never more than 3 days)
  10. If the 14k+ viewers of this thread all spent 10 bucks, you would get pretty close :surprised:
  11. I was looking into Mandelic acid and boy is Nucelle MAndelic Serum (15%) expensive!!! The cosmetics industry really is a big ripoff
  12. I read somewhere that for higher effectivity of Oregano Oil, it has to be (pre-)mixed with another Oil (for example olive oil). So don't take the water solution, look for the oil blend and Panic! How will you do your colon cleanse? I have Psyllium Husk powder and bentonite clay (liquid) Also what's AHA? I remember Brenton recommending mandelic acid for the red mark, I just can't seem to find it...
  13. According to what databased posted in an earlier post, one has to have NO ROOF above for the melatonin to be correctly surpressed (otherwise, it would also work with a big window, which it apparently doesn't). Also, I think you need to do it more than just one day... I'm also curious about the cortisol-melatonin connection btw. Could explain why stress can cause acne... About the milk 'issue': I just read that milk, taken in with carbs, will increase tryptophan in your body (and therefore me
  14. The more I read about the tryptophan-melatonin cycle, the more I find they are correlated with other symptoms I've had besides acne (Depression, insomia, fatigue, ocd, fructose digestion etc.). For example I read things like "At least one study has shown that people with OCD tend to have depressed melatonin levels, along with elevated levels of the stress hormone cortisol (Monteleone P et al 1995)." etc... Incredible... You said that living in dim light (from the age of 12 till recently, that w
  15. I just came across this thought today: why are men significantly more acne prone than women? It's not like they spend more time indoors...