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Ghost Behind My Eyes

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  1. I'm too proud to take any kind of advice from anyone. It's a very simple way to live if you always belive you're right.
  2. lol this thread is like masturbation for the tragically depressed narcissist.
  3. Nah, life's always been shitty, just now it's shitty and I have a face of silly acne.
  4. I'd be that guy from Twilight cos he probably gets mad pussy despite having no talent. He's basically a very successful and handsome version of me.
  5. thats a cool idea, it's amazing how much a kind word from a stranger can mean, they should set up one for men, call it operation handsome
  6. thats cool about the urine thing, i dont think it's really that bad (compared to using your own crap anyway) and it's not as if you'll die from it, anything that helps your skin is good in my books
  7. i am a smoker and i actually think it helps my acne, it like one when im stressed which is linked to acne, though it will give me wrinkles and cancer later on in life. i'm qutting come feb 1st though, my dad has been coughing a lot so we both decided we would quit, if i notice any change i'll be sure to report (assuming my will power prevails over my beloved cancer sticks)
  8. panoxyl has been good to me, my gp recommended it and it always works (sort of), I would try dan's stuff but it's just easier for me to nip down to boots and pay £3 rather than wait a week and pay more, the tube lasts for a while too
  9. i get little bumps on my ghostly cheeks, they're not like visible acne or anything but i can feel them using my ghost fingers. i like to leave those alone and not put anything on them, that way they either manifest into a zit which i can then treat or they disappear after a couple of days, i always found putting more bp on them kept them around for longer
  10. it says nothing about ghosts having to obtain written consent from Cartoon Network, mahahahahaha
  11. yeah i don't feel anything when beautiful women ask me out cos i'm a ghost wooooooooooooooooowooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  12. that makes sense, i gues you're worried it might come back? try to look at old pics of yourself with bad skin, its a lot easier to take stock when you have something for comparison
  13. ^good point, internet tone can be hard to decipher, my bad, just thought that for a first response it was kinda condescending, but i dont know lyssa so i could be wrong