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  1. starspark- I so know how you feel about your skin. People tell me that mine skin is fine but I am such a perfectionist that every little blemish bothers me. As for the medication you are talking about I have not had any experience with them so I can't give advice. I just started taking Yasmin and was wondering if you wanted to change because it has not helped you. I hope that things get better for you.
  2. Well, I just finished my 7th day on Yasmin yesterday and no real problems just a couple on my chin. For the girls with the initial breakout , when did things start getting worse for you? was it immediately like within the first couple of weeks or gradually in the first few months? I am so sorry about the problems you girls had too. I know it sucks. I hope things get much better. Thanks again for the replies.
  3. Hey girls thanks for all of the replys. I really appreciate it. I am going to the derm. in the morning and was thinking about asking if I could take spiro w/ yasmin. I have read lots of great things about the combo. Like I said before I have never had problems with my skin so I am nervous about making it worse.
  4. I will be starting Yasmin & b.c. for the first time Sunday and I am concerned about initial breakouts. I am in my 20's and never had a real problem with my skin until lately. My doctor said that I may have an initial breakout and I would like to know how severe it may be. I am freaking out. Any info is greatly appreciated. Thanks