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  1. merry xmas, daytona!

    1. What the hell does that mean? haha. So people makine 10 million pay less in taxes than someone making 150k? Is this before or after Bush's tax deal?
    2. probably on your lip lol
    3. daytonasurf

      Why doesnt my picture come up in the gallery?

      well i saw the same picture at LEAST 5 times. and once one girl had 3 pics on the same page.
    4. daytonasurf


      true that, PM me if he does
    5. I mustve sat there for an hour looking at pics (random ones) and mine never came up. I saw the same ones about 5 times though.
    6. daytonasurf


      if anyone wants to get some for that insurance price and then sell it to me PM me lol
    7. daytonasurf


      I was on it. I only did it for like a month though, because im a procrastinator, so I cant say it worked or didnt work.
    8. daytonasurf

      Just got Retin-A-Micro. What to expect?

      yea its not horrible. i usually get a couple at a time. no cysts or anything. -I dont know if i could handle the added sun-sensitivity. (surfing and all...)
    9. daytonasurf

      Just got Retin-A-Micro. What to expect?

      i dunno, im sorta scared for the intial breakout....
    10. What should I expect while using this? An EXTREME breakout? Or just an average one? All clear after that? I believe its the 0.05% tretinoin. (sp?)
    11. daytonasurf

      10% BP

      you dont get intial breakouts with bp. must be a breakout, period.
    12. daytonasurf

      growing hair long

      I have long hair and look how cool i am.
    13. daytonasurf


      im only replying cause there 666 replies in here, bad luck. Mhmm.