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  1. I have been taking 50mg (started with 100mg for several weeks) for over a year. have had no problems.
  2. I took 40,000 IU for maybe 2 months last year. That with combination of zinc and I saw improvement. Since then I have only been taking 10,000 IU. I currently bumped up my dose from 10,000 IU to 50,000 IU for a few weeks. I am being vigilant for toxic side effects but so far I have had none. My hair seems a bit more dry but it's not falling out. I now get maybe one active pimple a week or so. But I also take zinc (50mg/day) and use BP, Hibiclens, H&S, and petroleum jelly (moisturizer).
  3. I apply it after doing my skin regimen when my face is still wet. I apply the PJ to my palm and run warm water for 3-5 seconds or so then just apply it to my skin. feels a bit odd when im applying it - not like soap where its all smooth and lathery, more like a soft slippery feeling. If it feels like I have too much on I will rinse my face with warm water. I doubt this removes it but I think it helps spread it out better. then I just use a towel to pat my face dry. Good luck!
  4. LOL @ Ahley- Dont worry so much! I globbed on tons of it the first few nights and it didnt break me out. I woke up with my skin feeling as soft as a baby's bottom. I use less now because its more convenient and I dont have to worry about smearing it on the pillows
  5. hmm -Not sure what you mean by "rinse off". My skin absorbs it so there is really nothing to rinse off...
  6. I have been using it for about a month. Doesn't feel like alot to me. I guess its like 3 pea sizes. It doesnt make my face shiny or greasy either - probably because I mix it with water and apply it when my face is still wet and THEN pat dry. My skin has a nice matte look to it throughout the day. I'm also a skin picker and I noticed that when I put it over a spot I picked at it my skin doesn't discolor as badly (brown marks).
  7. Just wanted to stop by and tell you guys that Petroleum jelly is just about the best moisturizer I have ever used. I use 10%BP and it used to dry my skin out pretty badly. Regular moisturizers would only work for a few hours and then my skin would get all oily and nasty. I no longer have dry/oily skin thanks to the PJ. I use about 3/4 tsp of it in the morning and a little more at night. How I do it: I put the desired amount in my palm, run a little hot water over it to soften it, then lather it
  8. Been using the panoxyl 10% bp bar for over a year now - it really helped. ALOT. 10% may be too high of a concentration for some people though. And since I started using vitamin E oil, my skin doesnt even dry out.
  9. I notice I used to tend to break out more when I did masturbate. But I believes stress was the culprit. Whenever I masturbated (daily, sometimes multiple times) I would feel guilty and kind of... unclean. I also picked alot and I did it way more especially the day (and the next day) after I masturbated. So I think it was the stress and the picking that made my skin worse not the actual masturbation. I now only do it about once a week and I also take 50mg of zinc daily.
  10. I have been taking 50 mg for several months with no side effects except for it helping my skin. Zinc alone actually cleared up most of my body acne. Did a little but not much for my face.
  11. I put it on directly after my regimen and before I dry my face. Then I pat my face dry. then 10-15 minutes later I will put on some lotion. BP used to dry my skin out really badly but it no longer does that thanks to the vitamin E oil. It also seems to be working on my hyperpigmentation but it's only been a few weeks.
  12. Usually the only difference between men's and women's makeup is the packaging...
  13. I actually took around 40,000 IU of vitamin A for around 2 months (maybe slightly less)... Only side effect was towards the end, I would get these random dizzy spells during the day. Dropped it down to 10-15,000 IU a day and it stopped. Oh and I weigh(ed) 125lbs (male). I think people blow it out of proportion when it comes to toxicity. I mean, sure - its a bad idea to take half a bottle of vit A in one sitting but 20,000 IU a day most people can still handle - at least short term.
  14. Too much to be considered "safe". Accutane is a synthetic and less toxic form of vitamin A, thats why it cam be taken at large doses. I've been taking 10,000-15,000 IU a day for several months now and have had no adverse side effects. Took a while to see results but my skin is pretty much clear now. I cant give all the credit to the vitamins i'm taking though (vit A, zinc, and saw palmetto) as I have also been strictly following a topical regimen.
  15. Been taking 50 mg of chelated zinc gluconate every day for over a year now. No, I did not have an initial breakout. I have been clear for about a month now and zinc has helped alot when I first started taking it. I still take it because I too have skin discoloration and zinc is supposed to be good for healing.