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  1. I feel that the sun affects my skin negatively and I always break out after sun exposure. I totally get the frustration your experiencing though, I'm in a similar position. Started the regimen for the first time around two years back and it worked beautifully but took a loooong time to do so. About 4 months ago I went into hospital where I was not in a position to do the regimen and I've been breaking out like crazy since I came out of hospital in June, so it's regimen attempt no. 2 for me as
  2. I started with Panoxyl which I also found far too irritating. Then I used Oxy which helped clear me up beautifully but I was spending sooo much on those tiny little tubes that it worked out way cheaper to get Dan's BP shipped over to the UK. Also Oxy is a cream rather than a gel so when you sweat it tends to leave white residue on your face! Don't know about Duac sorry.
  3. I go for the expensive option and get Dan's AHA+ shipped over, along with his BP. I haven't found anything here that I want to try as an alternative to Dan's AHA+ and I have used alternative BP's but found them much more expensive in the long run due to amounts I was using. I don't use much AHA+ so the tube lasts a while and I just do a bulk order with BP every once in a while.
  4. It's difficult to tell from your description alone but it could be a small amount of contact dermatitis which is a way to skin can react to irritating substances. Are these areas itchy? As the previous poster suggested jojoba is a good way to help keep the skin moisturized, you could add a couple of drops into your moisturiser. It may be that the moisturiser you are using is a little too light and not up to the job. If it is dermatitis you may be best stopping or decreasing the amount of BP yo
  5. BP does appear to prolong red marks for many people; however the best prevention for red marks is to prevent acne in the first place, so you should aim to use BP anywhere where you are prone to acne as it will help to prevent any future breakouts (thereby preventing future red marks). You can incorporate AHA+ into the regimen which will exfoliate your skin and may help smooth your complexion and fade the marks over time. There really is no quick fix unfortunately and BP is the best way to preve
  6. I used to get exactly the same thing and I was using a very simple natural shampoo but I guess I'm just prone to acne on my scalp. Anyway now I use Jason dandruff relief shampoo, I get it from Whole Foods but looks like you can buy online from a bunch of places just Google it. It has 2% Salicylic Acid which as well as being good for dandruff we know works for acne too and it definitely cleared my scalp of both. It's free from laurel/laureth sulphate too.
  7. etherealbeats

    - Gets rid of flakes - Super moisturizing - Seems to even out skin tone - Using lots can leave skin shiny - I think I broke out from it :( I have been on the regimen for a year and working well. For the past three weeks I decided to start using A LOT of jojoba in with Dan's moisturiser morning and evening to see how it worked for me. After a few days I started breaking out a little with papules on my cheeks and some pustules on my chin. These seemed to take ages to heal
  8. There is an expiry date printed on the bottom of the bottle. I would like an answer though too as I'm using a bottle that expired last year and it seems fine.
  9. I am in week 2 of my 2nd go at Dan's regimen (cleared me up beautifully a few years ago and recently went into hospital acne came back within 2 weeks of no regimen!). This time round I'm slathering huge amounts of jojoba oil on with my moisturiser morning and evening after the BP and I feel my skin tone is way more even and the red marks which I remember lingering for weeks the last time round seem to be fading more quickly. I also feel my acne is clearing up more quickly than it might have oth
  10. I find better quality cotton clothing seems to bleach and polyester doesn't.
  11. I've seen posts from Dan saying he doesn't find BP bleaches eyebrows/hair but I can say it definitely does and I have very dark brown (almost black) hair. My hair gets light brown/blonde streaks in it which my hairdresser complimented me on the other day lol. I actually quite like it on my hair but can see how it could be annoying.
  12. Glad the regimen is working out for you so far I hope it continues this way. Couple of tips for shipping to the UK, I've been stung by import taxes a few times. On no account use UPS they are the worst and charge an £11 brokerage fee, if you go for the cheaper shipping option I know it takes a little longer but it should come Royal Mail and they sometimes miss import charges altogether. Another tip might be to order items seperately to avoid customs; however this comes with the obvious downside
  13. Please Christof, get real. Come live in London you can see for yourself the government pissing our taxes up the wall.
  14. UPS are known to be one of the worst for import tax as they put their £11 fee on top of any charges. Also the driver always demands a cheque or the exact change at the door before he'll let you have the package. Royal Mail just leave a card so you go to the post office to collect and pay and as a plus they sometimes forget to charge altogether.
  15. That's great that things are working out for you! I've only been suffering from acne for about a year since I was 18 (I'm 19 now) and for about 10 months trying all the treatments available in Boots (and spending a fortune) and getting Aquagel for the last few months which made my skin so dry it hurt. When I came across this site about a few months ago I decided to just buy the whole kit as although it was expensive it must be worth it. At the time of starting the regimen I decided to get my a