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  1. Yeah, I'm going to have kids. I'm sixteen right now, so that probably won't be for another ten years or so, and I think there would probably be some better treatments for acne by that point in time.
  2. I'm only sixteen, so I really , really hope these wrinkles aren't permanent. I stopped using Dan's BP around ... 6 weeks ago. My facial skin has mostly returned back to normal now (not leather-like anymore) but my neck still has scabs from dryness all over it, and using Vaseline & Aloe vera gel for 6 weeks straight hasn't yet fixed that. But also, my eyes are so wrinkly when I smile.... like, literally, crow's feet and everything. And they get sooooo dry ; I have to put a ring of Eucerin m
  3. Yep I had a few and even asked some questions about it. I'm not sure if I asked here, though I might've, but I do remember asking on Yahoo Answers. You can't see them, but you can feel it if you kind of 'push down' on your skin, right? I remember feeling most concerned about them back in October 2009ish, when I was clear and those were the only things bothering me. But they're gone now thankfully. So they'll disappear overtime, don't worry
  4. Thanks for replying ! However, every time I feel like the layer of dead skin has peeled off my face, my face gets tight and dry all over again and it has to peel again. This has happened pretty much every time I've exfoliated. It seems like it just keeps repeating itself. Really dry skin, then I exfoliate and it is better for a few minutes, then the really dry skin comes back. I hope this stops soon, or else I feel like I've ruined my skin forever. :[
  5. I quit the regimen after 6 months because I experienced an allergy to BP - my face was dry as leather, moisturizer would not help no matter what, (even if I smeared it on my face and left it on the whole night) I had crusting, etc. BUT , my problem is, I've been off it for about ... 5 days now? And I switched to using salicylic acid products. The dryness from the regimen, although a TAD bit less, is still very much there. How long should it take before my skin goes back to its normal self? Tha
  6. Hi, I'm still a bit confused on the process. I'm 90% sure I want to take accutane, especially after I realized I'm allergic to BP, and that I don't respond well to topicals. I am thinking of visiting the derm on July 1st, and trying to get clear by December 20th or so (for my cousin's wedding) the thing is, I'm going to be out of the country for about a month for my cousin's wedding. I'd still be in the last month or so of Accutane, though, so I have a few questions... 1) Can I fly with accut
  7. Okay, it's with... a lot of sadness that I have to write this post. Today, in the course of one day, I got about 10-20 tiny pimples on the right side of my face. (Six or seven on the left side) I don't know what they are. Little tiny whiteheads and bumps clustered together. My face looks awful. Absolutely terrible. I have no idea what caused this. Maybe the new Eucerin creme I was using; I honestly have no clue. But my face looks the worst it has in so long - so congested and horrible. With th
  8. Thanks guys; I'm thinking I'm just going to decrease the BP (a little more than half a pump, just at night, for a week or so) and if it gets any better I'll just keep increasing until I find an amount that works. At the moment, I've got no blistering/crusting, just tightness and dryness, so that's a good thing, right? Hoping it doesn't happen again.... however, if I still end up blistering/crusting after this week or so is over, I think I'll discontinue the regimen. (god, that's painful to eve
  9. I can't figure out why my skin didn't start reacting this way until just recently.... what was I doing differently back near the beginning of the regimen? Could this blistering possibly be because of me pulling off the dead flakes and scrubbing too hard when I get them? (like, trying to exfoliate but, I'm never gentle at all when I do so) That does seem to cause it from time to time... (right now, I'm hoping it's anything other than an allergy. this reaction doesn't stop my day-to-day life, it
  10. I thought this was a common side effect of BP, but now I'm thinking maybe not. My skin gets blistery... like, the skin becomes raw and there is a clear liquid coming out. And crust forms over it. Even when I moisturize, it doesn't really help very much. I'm on my sixth month on the regimen. I really, truly hope I'm not allergic to BP, because this regimen is the only thing that's worked for my acne. I wouldn't know what else to do to fix my acne... I really hope there's someone out there who
  11. Had them for about six months now.. the ones from last year are pretty much gone. These new ones are fading pretty well, actually. Maybe my skin heals fast... but the dryness from the regimen causes darkness all over my face, and makes it look discolored. I'm hoping once that dryness finally goes away, the discoloration will too. (I can say this because at some points, especially after I've exfoliated and tried to get rid of all the dryness, and I come back a couple hours later, my skin looks s
  12. For some reason my acne gave me really discolored skin... there are no actual distinct "dark spots" that I would put a cream on top of... just discolored skin. I'm of Pakistani descent so my skin is rather tannish. With this discoloration, it's like, brown in general, with darker brown kind of blended in throughout. I can't really explain it... I know with hydroquinone creams, you're only supposed to apply it to the dark spot. But what do I do if my skin is like this? There aren't any distinct
  13. I'm really not too sure why the scabs form... it's not from old acne, just the skin itself. and there is a lot of crust/scabs, etc.. I don't think I'm allergic to BP (was using it before in the form of a cleansing bar, and it didn't crust or scab.. at least, I hope I'm not allergic to it; nothing else works for me) The scabbing is fairly recent, actually. Past couple months or so. It's getting a little better (just a little, but still) with a lot of moisturizing.
  14. Any help ? sorry to be pushy, im just not sure how much longer i can take this
  15. The regimen has been working to keep acne away as long as I follow it the way it's meant to be followed. BUT, for a while I was only doing one pump BP and only at night... I started breaking out but I didn't want to increase the amount I was using because my face was already severely dry. It was cracking and bleeding, scabs were forming all over my cheeks, and flakiness was terrible. And it wasn't something just I could see either. It was extremely visible. But when I started breaking out a li