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  1. blistex lip medex is always my favorite. it comes in a little blue tub and i find that it moisturizes like most but its got menthol or something in it so it feels soothing and calms the burning.
  2. i'm not on accutane but i have always found cetaphil's products to be gentle since my skin tends to dry out easily.
  3. Yes - but the people selling you 'natural' supplements totally are. They are totally just out to help you. Right? I mean, that's totally different when *they* sell you a product. Totally. Totally different. It is different, because they're products are much more effective and nontoxic. They still operate to make money, as every business does, but they are not heartless. Companies which produce organic foods/products are helping the Earth by not polluting the soil with toxic pestici
  4. you could use oil blotter sheets or wipes when your face gets oily during the day.
  5. clean and clear soft scrub in the blue bottle worked well for me. i liked how the beads in it were larger then the ones in other cleansers so they actually scrubbed the skin instead of just washing down the drain.
  6. they make OTC scar lightening products but some contain hydroquinone which is banned in some countries for health reasons but i'm pretty sure its still around in america. oh and another thing when you use scar lightening products make sure to wear sunscreen since the sun can make them come back again.
  7. i guess it made me more driven to wash my face. i always had oily skin but wasnt very active when it came to washing my face but when i started to get pimples i began washing my face on a regular basis. also i started wearing sunscreen because of acne.
  8. i tried it and basically it worked a little bit but i was able to acheive either the same or better results with other acne products that were WAY cheaper. also it really pissed me off how i would have to have it shipped with no way at the time to get more if i ran out but now i understand that some stores carry it.
  9. My skin tends to be either really oily or really dry and i eventually tried it and liked how it cleaned my skin but at the same time it didn't dry me out. So, has anyone else used it and what was it like?