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  1. you should have a picture of urself! and everyone who doewsnt have one thats reading this needs to!!! ;)

    1. mmmm, you are a cutie

      1. goofyguy


        It didnt do anything for me, they took me off oral meds and now just lotions for me
      2. goofyguy

        POST your PICS!

        There are some hotties on here!
      3. goofyguy

        POST your PICS!

        Here is me. Though i would join in and meet new people too.
      4. I think you gooooooooood! :)

        1. My workplace has the same problem. It makes my face look red all the time and shows the scars really bad. I think it is the fluorescent light bulbs. Hate it!
        2. You are very cute :)