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  1. My scarring is very similar to you only that I never had cystic acne and I caused the scarring myself by squeezing whiteheads.Imagine how bad that makes me feel. Anyway I was also planning on doing punch excisions followd by some kind of laser. I'm very skeptical of going for a laser treatment though since it often seems to cause additional damage or not help at all. I thinkin of the mixto laser. My initial plan was to go for at home dermarolling but I'm scared of not doing it properly + I d
  2. I did tca cross two times on one of my scars and had a really good improvement. From my experience I can say that after about 8 weeks the maximum improvement after each treatment was reached, meaning there was no further change. This matches with many other peoples experiences. Tca cross is a slow progress. You may need up to 5 treatments to see a significant improvement. But everyone is different. And btw: You seem to be a good looking woman. I bet nobody except you cares about those
  3. Your doctor is a dumbass. Scars treated with tca always look deeper for a period of time. Full results usually can be seen after about 8 weeks. So, no need to worry so soon.
  4. I just don't get it how doctors can prescribe accutane and prednisone at the same time. Prednisone in many cases will increase sebum production and so it will work contrary to accutane. But the most important reason against pred is that is decreases the skin's ability to heal which is what accutane does as well. So if you take both you will have a huge potential to develop scarring.
  5. TCA cross and excision. Don't let doctors talk you into other shit.
  6. You'll have to try to find out. Everyone reacts a bit different to procedures like excision. But excision seems to be your best option since you only have four boxcars that bother you. Also in my opinion boxcars are the type of scars which are probably the hardest to treat. So my advice is, go for excision. Other treatments usually don't work very well on this type of scars.
  7. Yeah, the scarless healing thread is BACK! And this sounds great. So maybe another 4 years and 3000 posts in this thread later, this stuff will be on the market
  8. Doctors on realself say wounds heal best if you prevent scabbing by keeping them moist.
  9. Surely depends on the individual person. Some will form a flat scar whereas others will form indented or hypertrophic scars. http://scarwars.net/2009/06/22/facial-cautery-brand/
  10. No, not really. Resurfacing and TCA cross stimulate collagen production but usually do not burn you severe enough to form a scar. You need at least a deep second degree burn to cause scarring. Lasers and TCA don't do that.
  11. Hi there, This may sound lunatic to you. But do you think you could replace an acne scar with a burn scar ? I had a third degree burn on my arm (4mm in diameter). It was a deep hole which was very obvious. And now after about 4 months the scar is completely level with the surrounding skin. The color of the scar has improved alot as well. I'm curious how it will look like in a few months. I also had a bad burn from the grill of a heater on a large area of my arm many years ago. And
  12. Shaving on accutane is hell. The skin is fragile and dry which really is a bad combination for shaving. Maybe you should try a trimmer.
  13. I'm very sure it works. Many people on the internet have had positive experience with it. Whereas not many have tried EGF.
  14. Forget about EGF and save your money. I tried it once in combinbation with TCA cross and I couldn't see any difference when using it in comparison to tca cross without any topicals. Since it's called "epidermal" growth factor, I guess it only works on the epidermis and not on the dermis. But this is where scar remodelling takes action. Fortunately I didn't have to pay for that stuff. You should better try retin-a a few weeks after treatment.