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  1. Not Emil related, but I saw that dr. Rullan is added to the site from BA.
  2. There was this user, Sydboi, who did infinity rf by Dr. Lim years ago. He was not happy about the outcome and opened a topic about that. After a few posts BA deleted that topic. I asked why he did that and it was because of psychological issues of this user. Right.
  3. Wow, Lim his reviews are really bad.
  4. I was a bit unreasonable in the past, maybe because of my pregnancy hormones, don't know What Sibel says, he's trying to help. He is not like other shady doctors who are in for the money. After three appointments there are improvements, but definitely room for more. Maybe I will visit him in the past my, but not anytime soon. First I want to spend all of my time (and money) with my children
  5. How many Sessions of sculptra did You've had?
  6. Bellafill is permanent, but my understanding from sculptra is that it breaks down after some time? If that is months or years.... it isn't permanent?
  7. I must say that i was a bit sceptical after I visited Emil Three times, but maybe my expectations were too high. He once told me he had patients who were expecting a scarfree face after three visits. He also told me he simply can't do that. Maybe I will visit him again in the future. Time will tell.
  8. There is only one doctor in Europe because we only know one. Dr. Henningsen is the only dr. who was heavily promoted on acne.org.
  9. On the website of his clinic it says that he is know as the 1% scar specialist on acne. org.... It's odd... BA mentioned him and kept mentioned him. And now they work together at [Edited link out]. I ve seen Emil a couple of Times, results are not that good. I've seen some, but not like WOW. But everyone is different. Maybe I will visit him in the future, because I've seen some results. BA also kept mentioning the derminator. I have it at home and it's in my eyes rubbish. I think B
  10. I find that a bit odd too. On Google a last review about him was a year ago. And only 15 reviews..
  11. Well said. We share the same thoughts. My scars were a huge part of my life, but now... not so much anymore. It still make me sad at times, but obsessed by the mirror... no. I have better things to do. Nowadays I plan to do microneedling sessions at home. I'm done with visiting doctors. I have my own family. I have a boyfriend, a daughter who is 6 y/o and I have a babyboy and he is 9 weeks If we look horrendous as we see ourselves, how is it possible to get boyfriends/girlfriends? Maybe b
  12. I've always wondered that BA could maybe be Davin Lim. They practically give the same advice. Also, where did Obi Wan go? He gave great and detailed advice, but suddenly he was gone?
  13. When ik visited him the first time he even told me when I asked for the price that it was not a problem if I didn't have enough money with me. I could pay the rest when I was home. Not sure if he still offer that, I think he doesn't. My first visit with him was in the time when he was not that famous.
  14. You mean the dermastamps from owndoc? Sure, they are fine. Most dermastamps are fine to use. As long as you are able to stick the needles in your skin by yourself, it is ok. With automatic devices you have no clue if they work well. There was one user here who tested the derminator and his conclusion was that the needles didn't come out at their full length. I will search for that thread. This is what I mean:
  15. In my opinion, the derminator doesn't work well. The needles don't stick out at the full length and with the single needle the needle don't even come out often. Better use a manuel dermastamp.
  16. Are you planning to go back for further treatments? How many% Improvement do you see? Maybe post some pics after a Year or so when the filler is gone
  17. Despite of my criticism that I've had about Dr. Henningsen in the past, I must say that I see positive results. It took quite a while to get these, I just wasn't patient enough I guess. 2 times subcision with filler and 1 time subcision with sculptra. I must see how it goes this year and after that because soon I have 2 little kids. I don't know how that will go financially. But since my scars are more level after the treatments I decide to do microneedling at home and see how that
  18. @Sibel nice progression. I've seen Emil three times and now I'm planning to treat my scars at home. They have levelled, but I still have loads of textural issues because I wasn't treated with a laser yet. Now I'm waiting for my second child who can be born any day
  19. Your feelings of guilt makes this much more worse than it really is. I can tell, because I scratched my daughter in her face (accidentally of course) and it scarred. Boy I felt so bad about it. Now 2,5 years later you can still see it, but it faded a lot. Of course it is not the same scar your daughter have, but give it time to heal. This is not a quick fix, this take probably years. And listen to the doctors, don't do any treatments on her skin. She is really too young.
  20. True. Dr. Henningsen is a nice doctor and I have positive results from my treatments with him
  21. I *think* there are fake reviews on the net about Emil. On google, he have numerous 5 star reviews, but most of the people who give the stars have made only one review. There is one, Joseph designs who have given more reviews, but only with Emil he write something down. Also here on the forum there were 2 posters who just came out of the blue to tell their super positive experience with Emil. And they were gone after that. Dunno, it smells fishy to me.