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  1. Your feelings of guilt makes this much more worse than it really is. I can tell, because I scratched my daughter in her face (accidentally of course) and it scarred. Boy I felt so bad about it. Now 2,5 years later you can still see it, but it faded a lot. Of course it is not the same scar your daughter have, but give it time to heal. This is not a quick fix, this take probably years. And listen to the doctors, don't do any treatments on her skin. She is really too young.
  2. True. Dr. Henningsen is a nice doctor and I have positive results from my treatments with him
  3. I *think* there are fake reviews on the net about Emil. On google, he have numerous 5 star reviews, but most of the people who give the stars have made only one review. There is one, Joseph designs who have given more reviews, but only with Emil he write something down. Also here on the forum there were 2 posters who just came out of the blue to tell their super positive experience with Emil. And they were gone after that. Dunno, it smells fishy to me.
  4. Recently, I've had subcision with sculptra once. The treatment was not in my own country since I went to a scar specialist. The idea was to do subcision with HA filler, but specialist told me Sculptra is now a days preferred over filler for scarring in some cases. I didn't had enough time to think about it and so I went with the Sculptra. But now... I regret it. I read some horror stories and I'm afraid I might get those side effects as well. Also, people report lumps even 4 years a
  5. Maybe it is just me, but I don't think your scars are severe. Maybe it sounds silly, but my 'hobby' is now my hair. I have kinda curly, frizzy and dry hair. So I started with the curly girl method which I really like to follow. My hair now is beautiful and I really like to focus nowadays on my hair and products that make my hair nice and curly This is just a example how to focus on something else. I'm sure that you find something too
  6. @hilalela @General_Rommel it takes time because of the sculptra. Sculptra promotes collagen which is not to be seen in the first weeks. It's been only 2 days ago, I don't see anything besides swelling.
  7. @f93d one more question. Met doc told me the results are permanent, on internet they say that it is not. What is your vision on it?
  8. @f93d did you massage the area which was injected with sculptra?
  9. Sorry to take over this thread, bit i have one question. @beautifulambition today i received subcision and sculptra from Dr. Henningsen. He mentioned that is possible to do a rf needling session after some months to enhance the results. I don't want to let any other Dr my face anymore, so that means I have to travel again. Is it possible that I dermastamp at home? Also, should I massage the area?
  10. Could you please ask for me if you visit him again?
  11. Do hou know which RF needling machine it was? Infini?
  12. Also suction one scar for 20-30 minuts??? Don't you mean seconds?