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  1. Hey all! I'm sorry that i didn't answer some questions about results, but that had a reason. It is pretty drastic, but I haven't looked in a mirror for about 5 months, so I didn't know if I had results. Let me tell you why. The 5th of December (like 2 months after my visit in Denmark at dr. Henningsen was one of the last times I looked into a mirror. When I looked, I was not sure about results. Honestly, I didn't see much. Scars were still pretty indented. My first vis
  2. QuanHenry told us in another thread it was a couple of grand.
  3. Sibel, first I want to tell you this: your scars are not bad. I really think that most of the problem is in your head. I'm not telling you this to make you feel okay, no I'm telling you this because this is what I see. Search for a therapist who is specialised in BDD. 'Normal' psychologists are mostly not. I've always had my doubts about Chu. I don't get it that in all these years (from the beginning of 2000 till today) Chu is seeing as some kind of God on acne.org. He don't want t
  4. When I have the guts, I will post some pics I've noticed I got some big lumps, especially on my left cheek which is the worst with scarring. I don't massage it, because I've read that is a good thing. Problem is I have to work tommorow :')
  5. Thanks Obi Before je started the procedure he said that huis purpose was to do the subcision without a cannula, but of there was too much resistance and fibrosis, he would switch to Nokor. Which he haven't done. I trust him, but not hearing the popping sound was a bit concerning for me Thanks for making me feel less concerned He also told me he suppose to fly to Australia yesterday evening to see Dr. Lim. Unfortunately Dr.Lim cancelled the appointment for some privat
  6. Yesterday I've visited him again. He looked at my before pics and said he was seeing a definite elevation in the scars. Yesterday he also did subcision, but with a cannula and WITHOUT any form of amnesia. He just stuck the needle in my face and subcise and did filler right after that. It did hurt, but it was bareble. My main concern is that I didn't heard any popping. It was four months ago that I've had my first treatment by him, also subcision (nokor) and filler. Maybe the scars were st
  7. Emil told me to wait at least a month before doing a next subcision, but he also said that if I decide to do my next subcision in 6 months, it also would be okay.
  8. Relax, you've had the treatment yesterday. Give things time
  9. The scars that didn't lift right after the subcision with Emil, do look better after several weeks. Be patient
  10. Will do! If you decided to visit Emil and you live south of Denmark, maybe it is wise to go by plane or train. I've been by car and there a lot of of road works in North of Germany, especially around Hamburg and Bremen. LOADS of traffic.
  11. Another topic about Emil Henningsen, maybe it is useful for someone to read. Yesterday I had my appointment with him. I must admit, I was a little bit shocked when I saw him, he is a bit taller then I thought. Don't know why I thought that, sometimes you have some kind of image of someone that you've never seen irl in your head I guess Anyway.. I really must say for me, he is definitely the nicest doctor I've met. And I've met quite a few. Really friendly. After he examined my scars, he
  12. Yep! Dr Luc Louis Huysmans did 4 of my subcisions. Didn't use different lights, didn't examine the scars. Did subcision with an cannula I guess. Needless to say, there was no improvement. I went to see Emil and after he examined my scars he also came to the conclusion that the subcisions were not done right. I went to see Dr Loek Habbema for a consultation, but he didn't wanted to do my whole face (don't know why), but he said he could subcise my deepest and largest scar and fill it. That
  13. I'm planning tot do suction after my upcoming subcision, there is one thing bothering me; it's hard to suction one scar since since my scars are close together. Is it a problem when I try to suction one scar the pump is resting on another scar?