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  1. i read somewhere thats sea salt baths or soakings work...havent been in your situation but thought i might try and help if you would like to try this i can get u more info
  2. i had one awhile back too but it doesnt sound as severe as yours is.what i did to get rid of it was squeeze and pick at it...it got very red and sometimes hurt but it went away ag=fter a few days and i hacvent had one since (this was a month or 2 ago)
  3. over the summer i only wore tank tops that were high backd and if a shirt revealed my bacne i wre a tank top under it and wore my hair down to try and cover my mishaps. my bacne started to get worse so i started growing out my hair which is pretty long now (an inch and a half or soo below my shoulders) to cover it up i also didnt swim as much as i used too even though i love too. i was even embarrassed at my own home swimming in our pool!! i am now questioning even going to my homecoming dance
  4. it seems like evryone here has had positive results w/ this idea so i think ill give it a shot- what have i got to lose right? Ive been searching the website for the past few days and it seems like this idea has some of the most positive results. do you think there would be a significant change in results if i only rubbed the sea salt on my back instead of soaking? just wonderin thanks!
  5. I use Crest-Baking Soda Whitening w/Tartar Protection in the Fresh Mint Flavor. I bought it at Wal-Mart mainly because it was cheap and it hasnt caused acne around my mouth area so i kept w/it. This may just be me but who knows until u try right? It only costs $1 for a small tube at Wal-Mart.
  6. i just found this website today and im still learning on how to post things so i dont really know if i did this right... but anyways i have back acne prety bad and acne on my face as well and have just started getting acne on my chest(1-2) breakouts not bad at all.....ive noticed that alot of people say vinegar works really well and tea tree oil combined does too. I currently use the clean and clear system for my face (which seems to work well at keeping tons of new breakouts from forming) and r