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  1. I began getting acne at around 11 years old and my biggest regret is not having gone to the dermatologist sooner. It took me a years of pain and heartache to finally get over my fear and get to the doctor. Thanks to the visit, I am now almost completely clear. If I had only gone sooner, I could have saved myself so much pain. Please tell your little girl the dermatologist is there to make her skin beautiful, not to ridicule it or her. And tell her, he deals with people everyday that have much, m
  2. Darling there is no reason to mess around. Simply use what you know works. It will save you a lot of time and potential damage. Go with the differin and minocycline. Good luck!! : )
  3. Be careful with going vegan darling. It's exceptionally hard to do correctly (it's made one of my sisters terribly unhealthy) and could exacerbate your acne. I would cut out all dairy, but keep eating meats and fish. Especially fish actually-- it's super good for you. And lots of fruits and veggies! woo! Very brave of you to go down the holistic route; good luck! : )
  4. Can't you ask your doctor to test your hormones? I think it takes a simple blood test. Maybe it's a matter of too much testosterone? And ignore those bastards who bring up your acne... they are acting like five year olds, but sadly they do in fact know better. Try thinking of acne as a healing process, instead of some hideous and isolating deformity. Once I started to look at my acne in this light, I felt so much better and no longer saw myself as gross or unsightly. Acne just means the b
  5. Hi darling, First of all I want to say you're beautiful and I'm so sorry you have to deal with such a nightmare! I wish you all the luck in the world. Now for the advice-- I suggest looking at acne in a slightly different manner. Instead of simply trying to purge yourself from the sight of it, you may want to look into what exactly is causing your body to have such a strong and severe reaction. Your body is obviously trying to tell you that there is something wrong-- whether its your hormo
  6. lolajames

    Oily forehead

    You're new here, aren't you? (I can already hear the groans of other readers out there who are thinking to themselves "Oh no, not THIS again!" ) For your information, washing the skin has no effect on the amount of sebum produced by the sebaceous glands. That's an Urban Myth that was debunked years ago on this forum. Over washing does cause irritation though and irritated skin can lead to acne. And everyone can agree that too much anything on your face whether it's washing or prod
  7. grow your hair out some and smilllleeeeeeeee darling you're not ugly, you just need some confidence and appeal (and please your skin is no where near bad) much love and i wish you the best of luck and i must say this last thing. just stop giving a fuck haha. life is too short. just live and feel and experience and stop caring about all the pricks. in the long run they wont matter. : )
  8. darling you need to see a doctor. i completely agree with lady odd duck. you obviously have something much more serious than a simple case of acne.
  9. lolajames

    Oily forehead

    For god's sake, don't believe every little thing you see on these forums like how you can't wash more than two times a day. If you have oily skin and you feel you NEED to wash more often, then go ahead and do it. Just do it gently, and don't scrub too hard. Use some common sense, in other words. And to the person who was worried about "stripping your skin": how corny can you get?? Why not just talk about WASHING your skin? by "stripping" the person meant over-washing and "strip