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  1. I've been on retin-a micro for a couple of months now, with pretty good results. I saw the derm a couple days ago, and he put me on benzaclin and tetra, as well. Problem is, my face is just getting torn apart by the combo and probably sub-par moisturizers. I have pretty sensitive skin and my regimen is the following: A.M. 1. Wash with cetaphil gentle face wash 2. (wait till dry) apply pea-size amount of Benzaclin 3. apply a lot of olay complete combination/oily all day moisture spf15 P.M. 1.
  2. Hey guys.. I was thinking about switching to FOTE's aloe gel as a moisturizer.. I wash with cetaphil gentle wash and then use olay complete spf 15 and my skin is sooooo oily even an hour later. I use retin-a at night, too. Would the aloe be good and less oily as a moisturizer? Even after shaving? Thanks in advance for your advice!
  3. I'm currently using on the spot BP in the morning and retin-a micro 0.1 in the night. Before applying products, i wash with cetaphil wash for normal to oily skin. Afterwards, I moisturize with olay spf 15 complete moisture. Acne wise, my skin has almost no spots, but it is very oily and very very dry. I was wondering if this regimen might be simpler and easier on my skin, but I have sensitive skin and was thinking, will this be too drying? Thanks in advance for your advice!
  4. Thanks. Unfortunately I'm not going to be in Spain during the trip. BUT I will be in Paris during the French Open and in Berlin during the WORLD CUP! Man, that is going to be crazy. I cant wait.
  5. thanks for the quick response! But how about exfoliation.. what works well yet is simple.. and about this oil? Could it be the moisturizer do you think? thanks again
  6. Well hello, I am going to Europe in early June. Right now I do the following regimen: Morning Wash w/ Cetaphil gentle cleanser Apply neutrogena on the spot cetaphil spf 15 facial moisture Night Cetaphil gentle cleanser Retin a micro 0.1 cetaphil facial moisture My skin is doing very well as in not many zits and only small ones, but my skin is extremely oily during the day and often peels when i apply moisturiser/bp. I was wondering if anyone has any advice on how to simplify this regiman
  7. Hi errybody, I used to have moderate acne, but after Accutane (1 yr. ago) my skin is pretty clear, just very oily. This is the regimen i have been using lately: Morning Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser (normal to oily skin) Neutrogena on the spot cetaphil oil-free spf 15 facial moisturizer Night Cetaphil Cleanser .1 Retin A Cetaphil moisturizer My skin is good, just very oily, and lately it has been peeling in the AM (I cant tell if its the BP balling up though i wait 15 minutes or the skin peeling
  8. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.
  9. Well it is summer time and I was wondering.. do you guys think that tanning lotion (specifically banana boat spf 4 dark tanning lotion) will make my chest and back break out??
  10. i was wondering about this stuff too... like would it make my chest or back break out at all.. does anyone have any experience with this stuff?
  11. I seem to break out usually after shaving.. i just shave with cetaphil soap as my shaving cream w/ a simple two-blade shick razor... any suggestions?? P.S. I use bp in AM and retin A in PM after washing w/ cetaphil THANKS!
  12. Okay, so i was on Accutake for the normal 20 weeks at 80mg/day. I've been off it now for about a week and a half, and my skin is still not perfect... it is much better than before accutane, but it is still not flawless by any means. advice?