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  1. Hey I can feel you, My acne started when I was 11 years old and It broke out really bad too and tried almost everything and DAN regimen is only regimen that works. Now I am 23 years old and currently on regimen for 2 years,my face now is clear, don't give up please, just don't think what other people think about you.
  2. I'm on the regimen for 2 years and 1 month now and I put BP twice a day, i noticed that I have discoloration on my face too, I guess It's really because of BP especially when you have it and then you're exposed to sun, It kinda bother me too. i tried to use BP once a day but I get breakout. I hope we find solution for this.
  3. nice may pinoy thread pala dito! matagal na ko member dito pero minsan na minsan na lang ako maka visit so eto guys share ko lang yung experienced ko about the regimen for 2 years and 1 month na.. non stop! hehe hello guys! It's been a long time since I visit the site. I just want to share my experience with the regimen since I started it two years ago. So far, so good. I use BP twice a day in the morning and night (2.5%-panoxyl) unfortunately last month I cannot find my BP of 2.5% anywhere
  4. thank you so much fourdogs.. yes absolutely! I lovin my life now especially having a clearer face ever.. I wish you success too and remember be patient! goodluck and God bless.
  5. I'm on DAN Regimen for 2 years and 1 month now. My breakout was terrible and depressing for 3 months when I started, It's hard but you have to deal with it and later on you will get the best result! goodluck!
  6. hello guys! It's been a long time since I visit the site. I just want to share my experience with the regimen since I started it two years ago. So far, so good. I use BP twice a day in the morning and night (2.5%-panoxyl) unfortunately last month I cannot find my BP of 2.5% anywhere so I switched to another brand and a much higher (5%-benzac) luckily It doesn't affect anything on my face. One time I decided to use BP only at night for one week because I noticed that my face is kinda red but unf
  7. huhu. I wish I read others opinion first too before trying fish oil. thanks for reply! good for you,yea you're right. maybe fish oil is not for me and for my my acne prone skin. thanks for reply! thanks for the link but I think I wont take any fish oil again. aww, will do! thanks!
  8. Im in regimen for 26 days now. I only got about 5 active pimples and my old acne is gradually fading in my day 23 but when I started to take fish oil once a day for 2 days, I noticed that huge pimples coming out to my face especially to my cheeks, 15 new pimples overall. so I wonder if fish oil cause this or still part of the purging process of the regimen. right now, I stopped taking fish oil. I am so sad right now, I felt like I am in my day1 in regimen again PS: I take multivitamins,ext
  9. helloninja

    Day 13

    uhyea! that's exactly what I am thinking right now, to surprise everyone with my clear skin, soon? lol. well, goodluck to us! this is really hard. and 2 weeks in regimen will be brutal, you will look like tomato. lol. be patient and stick with it.
  10. week 3. day 3 just a short update. Got it from "what to expect" in moderate acne. -Skin continues to clear and breakouts are minimized. Skin is less red and no longer itches. Red spots from old acne are evident. this is exactly what happening to my face right now. not yet clear but improvement is there. hihi. so i am now excited in my week 5 or so. cheers.
  11. hello. I am also in regimen. My 16th day to be exact. my first week was awful because of redness of my face,irritated and itchy but I saw a bit improvement. Week 2 was BRUTAL!! I looked like a walking human with tomato head, lol. my face was redder than the 1st week, so flaky and dry. still irritated and itchy. my old acne flatten and reduced in size but i had terrible breakouts especially in my chin, arghh! 20 new pimples plus white pus. duh. I felt devastated but i have hope in me that I shoul
  12. helloninja

    Day 13

    Day 13 Looking good today. The best since I started the regimen. Im not saying that my face is already clear but Its not red anymore to the point that i can now manage to go outside and bought some stuff in nearby store lol. I actually locked myself here inside the house for the past few monts. tahaha. My sis also told me that she only saw spots on my face rather than seeing me like a walking human tomato before. lol. I hope i dont jinx myself by saying this. tralala.This is so unpredictable
  13. helloninja

    Day 12

    Day 11 and 12 Day 11 Yesterday was awful. I felt like a monster. My chin was terrible, full of white zits. I popped it. white liquid and blood ooze. eewww! I did it after I washed my face then apply a full amount of BP especially in my chin area then moisturize of course. Day 12 Every time I wake up in the morning my face looks good then afterwards my face goes like red,less red. alternating from worst to good. my pimples I popped yesterday dried and looks so much better than yes
  14. helloninja

    day 21

    I wish I could but when they get a head I just can't resist but then I get carried away and start picking at everything!!I agree with the person. Try your best not to touch your face! I know it's hard for me too. I'm so used to picking on them, it became a habit to me. But I'm slowly learning not to touch my face and it really does help. Because whenever I used to pick on them the next day it would look ALOT worse and a lot redder than before. So just try not to. If you do, then do it with clean
  15. helloninja

    day 10

    hey guys! before you start the regimen you must read this wonderful post first: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/state-min...rn-t117898.html this is very motivating. haha day10 My face is doing good right now, less red,less flakey,less dry.some areas of my face without acne are getting much better.(my mom and brother also noticed it.) My face is somehow quite clear because my old acne are gradually fading but I had breakouts since day 7. I deal with it. More than 10 bumps and some whit