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  1. aweirick2707

    Day Five

    Still did not have any side effects yesterday. Was a bit more thirsty than usual but not in any way bothersome. Today I woke up and my eyelids were burning a bit because they are getting dry. I can feel the rest of my face starting to tighten up but you cannot see any dryness by looking at me. I still have not had an initial breakout (thank god)! This brings me to another topic in regards to accutane.....drinking alcohol. I drink a few times a month when I go out to bars or with friends. I di
  2. aweirick2707

    Day Three

    Third day on accutane 40mg/day. Still no dryness, no side effects, hopefully there is no initial breakout during this course. The first time that I was on accutane I had a pretty bad initial breakout. I guess we will see as time goes on.
  3. aweirick2707

    Day Two

    Hello. My name is Amanda. I'm a 21 year old female and have just started my secound course of accutane as of last night. The first course worked wonders and kept me mostly clear for approximately eight months, but I had a few cysts that began to pop up and I figured why not stop it before it gets any worse. I weigh about 105lbs. The first course I was on 30mg for two months and 45mg for two and a half months. This course I started on 40mg a day and believe that I will remain on it for the entire