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  1. Hello, that's me. The after pictures make it look better than the actual results. Subcision does work but it's not a miracle like the picture makes it believe.
  2. Hi, can you give me the name of the doctor who did the subcision for you? Thanks

  3. hi celaya. I fasted for 4 days only. That was the longest. Did not do anything to my scars. But to my skin, it did helped. This is actually a very sensitive topic, since most people would not agree regarding fasting. I would also not recommend this to anyone without doing research, prior to your fast. You lasted 4 days? This board would be better if posters tried things out themselves before recommending it to someone else to be their test dummies. Even if it water fasting did work, which it d
  4. Awesome to hear! So the doctor only did one area? How many areas do you think you're going to do? And you can suction after the 3rd day or mid 2nd day. It will really help slow down the scar from reattaching. Update me on your progress
  5. Hey bro, come on... don't worry about that facial hair. You're only 20 meaning your facial hair it's still growing. I'm about your age and my friends and I have patchy facial hair but we just joke about it. When I grow out my facial hair, I have a sloppy thinned out goatee. I always trim my facial hair with a hair trimmer. It keeps it really short and I don't enjoy shaving. Don't want a razor to my face. Bro, it's good to look younger anyway, you don't want to look 30 when you're 20. Looking 17
  6. Apply antibiotic gel to it for the first 2 days and suction on the 2nd or 3rd day. If you suction you'll get better results and if you don't the scar will reattach faster. It's really not that serious and there's nothing to be afraid of when you're suctioning.
  7. Suction it as long as you can. The more the better.
  8. Hello, what exactly is a lancet needle and what additional damage could a lancet cause? Are any of these two a lancet needle? bump for answer
  9. Hello, what exactly is a lancet needle and what additional damage could a lancet cause? Are any of these two a lancet needle?
  10. wezulu92, the OP of this thread has had subcision treatment done already.
  11. Huge improvements but are the pores from the needle you've used?
  12. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/topic/190160-subcision-in-perth-australia-pls-help/ This user has had subcision done with success.
  13. Hey.. decided to do a quick update and answer some questions. I can't seem to find the folder I put all my pics pre/post treatments in so I lost all the pictures I've had. My scars still look the same as when I updated in April. When I took those pictures I tried to snap the picture in the same lighting and different lighting for the person that asked about lighting. My forehead, the doctor didn't hit my forehead much so I still have scars there which sucks. The parts of the forehead that the do
  14. Mosaic HP. The subcision made the most difference though.