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    Im looking for an answer!!!!!!
  1. i tried doing nothing but washing with water, & i dont even use make up just got worse N worse, Umm im on vichy normaderm right now, & im loving results everyday overnight my acne is appearing less red everyday & after my morning showers my acne leaks oils gross but true lol i plan to stop using stuff on my face after acnes gone though.im a week in btw goodluck
  2. i basicly eat once a day, people say ima get sick wen im older.. wud you call this a fasting diet? i dont bother with breakfast cause it makes me sick, always has... not usually up for lunch either, lol but i make it for dinner
  3. boost your confidence in looking good & that will help you find a lady, any change is good
  4. that shitlist was useless to the topic starter lol share some of what you learned in getting women at 21 with us casanova
  5. you dont think the guy who posted the shallow list has a hard time with girls too? lol ladies?
  6. most people are looking for answers, & seeing these long ass commercials & all these people who were suposedly helped, it was a good one i say.. vichy better not lie to me it says #1 in canada lmao
  7. im in the process and have been for awhile, need and want help what the fuck do you think?
  8. acne is so horrible most people with clear skin dont understand you, Try proactive?! fuck that shit pretty much ruined my life too i was crying on xmas morning about my skin problems! wanting clear skin for christmas so badly maybe next christmas eh hopes n hopes
  9. congratz, damn you should be proud and thanks for sharing girl, ill try this if my product fails
  10. yah just my face, its all so noticably on my cheeks, i never used makeup so dont really understand what i did wrong.. i can only blame the acne fighting shit they put out about now .. but i do have bad habits that mightve triggered it ,not perfect ya kno
  11. just 1 pimple use to bother me, so i fell for proactive that way mhm i wud kill to have just 1 pimple now aha
  12. lever 2000? i dont think so lol yeah proactive is all about making money, the ads are ridiculous, they shouldnt have made it to canada shopping malls i would have never ordered it lol anyways..going to see my doctor tomorrow morning, i need a miracle i think im going to cancel plans for newyears because of my acne
  13. very helpful, isnt steaming your face good? or is it not cause i just started twice a week steaming it seems like its helping my acne problem
  14. i know two people who are on it & it works for them, keeps them clear... but more likely to ruin your skin afterwards you stop using the product