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  1. A warning to people with Kidney disease about antiperspirants containing Aluminium (you may already know this, but just thought i would put it out there...) http://www.asn-online.org/facts_and_statis...pirantinfo.aspx
  2. Im sorry this happened to you..i understand the despair you feel. I had a PS scar up my face severely. ..no one understands how this is effecting me, either. May i ask, what product caused your scars?
  3. Here's a question..It's been 5 days..have you considered calling your doctor and discussing your inflamed, Red as a bambo ass, penor pee-hole inflamation problem? I'm serious. Maybe your penor issue has nothing to do with accutane at all. Why continue to suffer and possibly make matters worse by waiting..?...Call your doctor. ..and Perhaps you should post a picture..Im not quite sure what a penor is...
  4. it's working for me too.. Hey nloo... hope you'll be coming out with a dented scar cure soon....even if its slapping pickle slices allover my face...I will do it.. heheee
  5. Im only one person responding so far but..this may ease your mind a bit. 5-6 years after my 1 course of Accutane, I had no problems getting pregnant and had 2 Beautiful, healthy daughters..one is now 20 and the other is 15..both have gorgeous skin with no acne issues like their mom..fortunately for them, they must have inherited their dopey fathers Good skin genes..(my 20 yr old got a perfect score on her ACT test..I figure she must have inherited my excellent brain genes.. lol)
  6. I realize this sounds like im making excuses..i am still going to call UM...but the call time frame conflicts with the hospital hours for visitation...hopefully my dad will be home on friday, i will see what i can do then...im sorry guys/gals. unless soemone else wants to call sooner, please hang in there.
  7. Wonderful News & Good for you!!... ..and BRAVO!! on your first post ever!!... Bet it wont be your last, this place is addictive. ..lol
  8. Good Luck to you GeNoXiDe..I hope it works wonderfully for you, and the rest of us too.. :D thank you for your prayers Jodie, it really means alot to me. Thanks for the review info, Smoothy..just like many of us here, I thought ..what the heck, its only 20 bucks or so..what have I got to lose?..although, deep down i have a feeling I will be seeing the same results as Ylem. Must keep positive...must keep positive...must keep positive.. :pray: lol
  9. the main thing is...the Oxygen PeptideA (Palmitoyl Pentapeptide) is listed as an INACTIVE on both the bottle and the box..no matter what # they are listed. It is my understanding an inactive is like a filler ..is this correct? Geez, I should ask my daughter, she is a Biology/Chemistry major.. but she will no doubt get my head spinning...lol
  10. Hydroquinone is also listed as the last 'inactive ingredient' in the list. I guess this means the Oxygen Peptide-A in this has to be more than 2%. Where did you read this info "....clinically proven to regenerate..."? I did several searches on google and yahoo but couldn't come up with anything. I want to know more about it. Do let us know what they tell you if you call. Someone here emailed them before and they totally ignored his question. i know, I just dont understand. Hydriquinone i
  11. i wish they made some kind of skin spackle..it would be nice, that darn wall spackle is just a bit too white for my complexion.
  12. Good Question! I was wondering about the permanency too! I will ask when I call.. ..anyone have other questions post em up..
  13. Mine has an Exp.date too, of 9/07 . Look at the bottom of the bottle.. shweety. :angel: sailette123- I will definitely let you (all) know what they say about the Peptide issue. :think:
  14. It is listed in the long list on the bottle. Under Active ingredients they only list the Hydroquinone. I don't know why this is but it is on the bottle in a longer list. The suncreen has nothing else but sunscreen in it. So I use another kind if I am out in the sun because I just dont like it it feels too heavy?????? "Oxygen Peptide aka Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-3 (Ceramide Oligopeptide-3) is clinically proven to regenerate the skin's upper layers by stimulating collagen production and t
  15. I wasn't expecting results in 2 days.... :snooty: however, if it fills even one tiny indent in the next couple of months, I will shit.