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  1. Hi Just a brief overview for you all.... About 2 and a half years ago I started to lift weights and take weight gain / protein supplements. After a few months I noticed that I had started to develop mild acne (presumably because of the initial 'spike' in testosterone) and it prompted me to start to try all things to get rid of it. I started using Benzoyl Peroxide, ACV and several different cleansers to try and get rid of the acne but nothing really seemed to work. This continued for a good
  2. chaihd


    Hi Just a quick question... Is there a difference between red marks and hyperpigmentation? I have been told that I do not have pigmentation but red marks - I thought the two were the same? Sorry had a quick look at the FAQs but they do not seem to distinguish between the two.
  3. Hi My skin tends to get very oily during the day and usually mid afternoon if I run my finger down my face I can see loads of oil on it. I have also noticed that if I am to rub very gently on my skin it seems to temporarily get very red, not sure if anyone else has noticed this. Does the oil that builds up on your skin increase the sensitivity of your skin at all? Whenever I am feeling oily it seems as though my face gets red as well and very sensitive to touch.
  4. Hi I have been using ACV for about three weeks now; no noticable huge improvements with regards to red marks but I think my skin balance has improved. Does anyone happen to know if there is a video online which actually shows how to apply ACV as a toner? Dan's videos are brilliant but none of them cover ACV. Just wondering if I am applying it correctly or not, if there isn't a video; How much ACV should you actually use (just a dab or completely saturate a cotton pad?) How quickly should it
  5. Ah I see, how is this working for you? Do you notice your red marks fading? Any other opinions?
  6. Hi I use an Organic ACV from Holland and Barrett (UK Brand) and have found out that it does it has been sterile filtered to remove all solid matter, therefore the 'mother' is not actually in it. Does this matter for trying to reduce red marks? Does ACV work for red marks because of the mother or doesn't it matter whether the mother is in it or not? Thanks!
  7. Hi! I came across this thread about a week ago and have been using ACV for around 4/5 days, early signs are good! Just a question though; I know the general consensus is to use 50% ACV and 50% water when using it as a toner, but how much should you apply exactly? Just a dab onto a cotton pad or do you soak it fully into the toner and then drench it over your face? I know that the DKR tells you to use a lot of BP, I am wondering if using a lot of ACV would have similar effects or if the amount
  8. Hi! I will try ACV soon; is it more effective to drink it or to dab it onto your face? What do people recommend? Also, I am from the UK; which shops stock it and what brands are best to get? Thanks!
  9. Hehe, yes I am British (sorry for the terminology confusion lol). Thank you for your responses; like you mentioned silverangel they should go away given time but I have had the same 'red marks' on my cheek for coming up to approx 4 months now and it is getting a little annoying (as they still look like spots!). I have read that Apple Cider Vinegar and AHA are good products to use for red marks? (Is this the case?) Can anyone else suggest possible products? Thanks!
  10. Hi there I have quite a few spots on my face but they do not petrude out like normal spots, they are flush against my skin therefore I think they are rather red marks. Is this correct? I am just trying to figure out what the differences are; ie if you can feel them on your skin then they are spots, but if you rub your finger over them and the area is smooth they are red marks? Do spots turn into red marks?
  11. Thanks for the reply Atomica! How much BP do you use and what are the advantages of a moisturiser with SPF 15?
  12. I have the same problem; have been doing it twice daily for a couple of weeks now and still am getting redness during the morning so am considering whether the regimen will actually work only doing it at night?
  13. Hi there Can anyone comment on how much Quinoderm to use? I have read Dan's "finger" guide but that appears to only be for gel; how much cream do you use for the full 2 pumps of Dan's BP?
  14. Hi all! I have just begun the DKR using Panoxyl 2.5 but after reading a lot of reviews and my initial experiences it seems as though this gel makes the face incredibly red when using it twice a day! For those using Panoxyl 2.5 does this redness subside eventually? I have also been looking at Quinoderm 5% which seems to have slightly better reviews and it doesn't seem to irritate the face as much; is this a more suitable BP option to use on the DKR when you need to be using it twice a day all
  15. Thanks for the quick response! Does it really take up to a month for the redness to subside? I was reading Dan's "What to Expect" page and judging from that the redness in general should virtually dissapear within 2 weeks or have I understood that wrong?