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  1. I stopped my accutane treatment last year around June or July. I know you're not supposed to donate plasma while on accutane, but do you think they'd rule me out from donating if I've taken it in the past? I called and asked and they said they weren't allowed to tell me over the phone. I'd have to go in and start the whole process. I'd hate to go spend hours there and then realize I'm not even qualified... What I'm wondering is, would they even have a way of knowing if someone lied about wh
  2. 1) yes 2) yes 3) I had much worse dryness with Dan's regimen than I did with accutane- and I wasn't on a low dose or anything- I was even on accutane in winter and it wasn't that bad 4) back pain 5) I don't feel comfortable answering this one 6) I did not have an initial breakout at all. I think I avoided this by being on antibiotics and tretinoin cream before I started accutane
  3. Did you have an IB when you first started the 40mg as well, or did it not happen until you started taking 80mg?
  4. Hey- I just thought I should let you know- I have the same exzema-ish thing on my arms from accutane, and cetaphil cream seems to be working really well on it! Better than everything else I've tried. I was using Vanicream on it, which is supposed to be really good for exzema, but then I randomly decided to try my cetaphil cream on it because the Vanicream was kinda annoying, and the cetaphil ended up working even better. So yeah, it may be worth a try. Especially if you already have some l
  5. Hey- I just wanted to stop and say hey. I'm from Omaha, too. I'm so glad to hear Clavaris seems to be working well for you! Only 2 months left! That's exciting. I just started a couple weeks ago myself.
  6. I once asked a similar question, and someone told me he had SEVERE acne and was cleared up by doing the regimen once a day. He said he started with twice a day until he was clear though, and then maintained his clear skin by doing the regimen just at night. I completely understand how the thought of doing the regimen twice a day for YEARS is annoying. I have always spent SO much time on my skin. When doing the regimen, my hands got sooo raw and dry from washing my hands in between each step.
  7. You're only supposed to use AHA as a moisturizer up to 2 times a week. And you're not supposed to start using it until you've been following the regimen for at least a month. So, a regular moisturizer is definitely a necessity!
  8. Is this too long for anyone to bother with or something? ha Thank you to everyone who has done the poll so far. anyone else wanna join in on the fun?? ha
  9. Well, it took a week or two for my skin to go from oily to normal, and I started at 20 mg. When I got bumped to 40 mg I started getting patches of dry and flaky skin here and there, but nothing more than that. I can even still use AHA and BP on my T-zone. So yeah, it'll depend on your dosage and your skin type I guess. Yeah, I couldn't believe petrolatum wasn't considered comedogenic! Thanks for your input. I'm starting at 40 mg for the first two months. I guess I'll just enjoy my oily
  10. Thanks! That's funny you mention that site because I was just on there last night looking up different ingredients! I was surprised that petrolatum isn't an issue, but unfortunately there was another ingredient in the vanicream that is supposedly pretty bad. I checked the cetaphil cream ingredients and they seemed to look pretty safe, along with the acne.org moisturizer. My plan is to continue using the acne.org moisturizer, since I love it sooo much, and then switch to the cetaphil once my
  11. darlinjones

    - Super gentle - I like the smell. It's weird. But I like it. ;) Some say it's unscented- but I definitely smell something. - The bottle is cute. :) Because of it's consistency it tends to run down my arms when I'm washing my face in the sink. But I'm just kinda messy like that. ha Cetaphil didn't give me this problem, but this cleanser is just a better cleanser so I deal with that tiny tiny inconvenience. Sounds silly to even mention, really. It's super gentle and gr
  12. Is this too long for anyone to bother with or something? ha Thank you to everyone who has done the poll so far.