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  1. i love shiseido for concealers. their optimal cover concealer is thick and covers ANYTHING, but i don't have that many blemishes so i love thier little pencil concealer...u just color over any discoloration and its gone!! not suitable for undereye though.
  2. Hi, Recently I got a massive zit (one of those really deep ones) from stressing over finals, and the only thing I had to combat it was bp 10% cream (persagel). I also have a bunch of 2% salicylic acid products but those usually help me only for prevention, not for spot treating. Anyways, it took about a WEEK to really dry out the pimple, even tho i used it day and night, and now the spot is a lot darker and redder than my surrounding skin.. im wondering if it would've been better to let the
  3. i have pretty dark brown and reddish spots on my cheeks and forehead, with fairly clear skin (occasional blemishes). i use a lot of acids which makes my skin very sensitive to any blemish or picking...always leaves dark spots now!! recently i began to use Black Opal Essential Fade Complex, a light hydroquinone gel that you can find in the drugstore, and i believe its really making a difference. ive been using a semi-intense regimen (i MUST get out these spots) but only when i added this did i
  4. hi everyone, i am unfortunately one of those pickers and recently after a bad breakout i did a bit of damage to my skin. i have hyperpigmentation, red and brown spots left, but i also have a few scabs. in the past i've picked at my scabs and the result has not been pretty, but i was wondering if you guys could give any advice as to how long scabs usually stay on the skin and the best treatment (im currently using a combo glycolic/azaelic/salicylic acid cream all over my face). should i be p