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  1. I don't really notice anything either. Does it itch or tingle or burn at all?
  2. Hey Everyone, I was just wondering for those that have tried low dose doxycycline, or even doxycycline in general, if you still had photosensitivity after usage? I keep reading that some people experience a sensitivity to the sun during treatment, but what about after you're off treatment? Does your skin go back to being able to handle the sun or do you end up having that sensitivity forever because you went on the doxy pill? Just looking for feedback. Thanks in advance!
  3. My dermatologist suggested my problem on my forehead may have been mites as well. He didnt suggest Elimite, but Plexion instead. Its a sulfur cream that you apply. Some people can be allergic to sulfur, but fortunately i wasn't. Bumps on my forehead have for the most part disappeared. You might want to look into that. Another similiar brand is Clenia. Both are a sulfur and sulfacetamide combination. Good luck!
  4. My bumps look similar to the ones you have on the side of your head. The difference between yours and mine is location and the fact that mine itches. Mine is predominantly on my forehead. My derm diagnosed mine as seborrheic dermatitis. I'm trying to get a 2nd opinion now from a derm that i researched that seems to specialize in skin rashes. Hopefully my doctor can get me the referral i need to see him. Nevertheless, if yours doesn't itch, i'm not sure if its SD or not.
  5. Wow, i just saw your pic from Day 5 and your skin actually looked great! Now, i'm not trying to be put down your decision to go on Accutane, but i'm surprised you went that route when you seem to have great skin? Well, hopefully Accutane clears up the very VERY few spots you have and things work out for that guy you met!
  6. I live in Cali and developed SD 2 months ago on the forehead. Never EVER had it and then boom, start of November i get 3 tiny bumps forming on a forehead that use to be smooth and clear. 2 months later to now, the 3 bumps have spread upwards towards the scalp and above the eybrows. I get tiny reddish bumps that won't seem to go away or if they did, new ones would form. i still have it and it pains me to see it everyday. What has become of my forehead!?!?!? Winter has been particularly dry
  7. My forehead has always been the clearest part of my face. Nice, smooth, evenly toned skin. Then about 2 months ago, i noticed a few small bumps on the forehead. They were all around the area between the eyebrows except just a little higher. No place else. They were very small. I go to the dermatologist and he takes a quick look and says its seborrheic dermatitis. As November comes and goes, the bumps have taken a life of their own. Now its from the eyebrows to the hairline area. The