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  1. Shoot I used to literally chug milk. Sometimes when I was thirsty I would just drink it like water. Since stopping I haven't gotten a single inflamed lesion like I used to. To test it out, I used skim milk in my oatmeal like a week ago and I got one inflamed spot on my forehead and a couple on my chin where I literally never break out. That's when I knew I couldn't have any.
  2. I think i remember you posting some pictures in the "POST YOUR PIC" thread. You're the girl with the big blue eyes right? If that's you, I don't think you should worry much. You're extremely pretty. Just flirt back hardcore and if he doesn't bite, his loss.
  3. I <3 Guacamole. I make my own and it's the shit. It's packed with those beautiful mono saturated fats.
  4. Here's what I do and it has completely nullified all of my inflamed acne. I still get white/blackheads on my forehead and temples but nothing too crazy. I exercise M,T,T and F. I lift some weights rather lightly and run about a mile and a half. I'm loving it. I take Vitamin A, D, Fish Oil, Niacin and Zinc. IMO these are acne fighting essentials. I take 200mg of Doxycycline a day (I don't like this part of the reg) Now, I eat a lot of vegetables, a lot of berries, lean meats (mostly chicken)
  5. I use Cetaphil gentle cleanser at night. I love it because it's not irritating.
  6. Ya know, there's nothing to fuckin argue about here. Everybody has to chill out. We learned two things.. A) It won't clog pores. B) Don't put it in or near your nose. That's it. Don't insult someone or attack someones beliefs over the facts of Petroleum Jelly for shits sake. Like...aboodykiss...could you come off as any more of a dick? Plus, it's safe to not type everything you say in CAPS, we can all read perfectly fine.
  7. A very popular way to get rid of redness is using any form AHA. I would personally try mandelic acid since it is supposedly the least harsh of all the AHA's. I've also heard great things about Vitamin K and Zinc Oxide. Also, as a last resort you could turn to non ablative lasers such as IPL or Vbeam.
  8. I'm sorry but anyone who wishes to have acne scars instead of actual acne either A) Doesn't have actual acne scaring and/or doesn't know what it looks like or B) Is a moron. Choose one.
  9. I have a couple of clogged pores on my forehead. Some red marks here and there but all in all my skin is the best it's been in about 5ish months. I'm..still have some psychological problems though..Acne was really just the tip of the fuckin iceberg.
  10. I was and am currently in the same boat as you. I went through a break up among other things and was stressing like a mad man. I'm positive it solely contributed to my acne. It was a viscous cycle of worrying, getting acne, worrying and so on. I was also on Xanax for a little while which I do think helped. I actually stopped taking it a week or so ago just becuase I was afraid I might become dependent. All in all, I believe a positive mindset can go a long way and that If you do feel stressed ou
  11. Thanks Lyssa . Yeah, I must say I'm in the best shape of my life. I guess I realized when it comes to my health, I can't really half ass it.
  12. I follow a similar reg. I take Vit A, D, Fish Oil, Zinc and Niacin. To me, these are essential.