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  1. Exactly. Lasers are NOT worth it, there is no reason to discuss this. They are expensive as hell, very risky and usually (let's say for 90% of the people) you end up with barely any results. And yeah... IF you do see results after 5 fraxel re:pairs (trust me you wont see jack shit after one treatment) how will your skin react to this? It's almost for certain ur skin will be lighter than the non treated area (loss of pigment), your skin will be alot thinner than before and god knows what kind of
  2. What kind of roller did you use? What length? Did you do anything else? Nutrition?
  3. If that's ur only problem... who cares. Get over it. Treatment will just make ur skin red. You should feel lucky accutane hasn't left u with actual scarring, like alot of people on these boards.
  4. Time to collect spit for a week or 2 and apply it every 2 hours after a fraxel treatment! Who's first?
  5. How many of you have taken accutane? I still have the red marks that came with accutane too (almost 1,5 year ago)
  6. Try eating crackers for a week and drink just water and see if it makes a difference. People usually break out to certain foods. Try to balance your hormones. Stop jerking off. Take a walk outside for a few hours daily. Try blue light, red light. Try the other 500 antibiotics out there. Try loading 10% BP on your face. Anything but roaccutane which will most likely scar you for life. I thought it was the easy cure too. But the docs didnt tell me it would break me out on my cheeks
  7. No it's not worth it AT ALL. There are so many ways to clear your acne other than accutane.... Only take accutane if your acne is REALLY REALLY bad AND leaves scars behind. If it doesn't scar, live with it, find the reason why you are breaking out. Eventually it will clear and you will have beautifull skin. Take accutane and be left with scars for the rest of your life. Don't make the mistake 75% of the people on this scarring board have made.
  8. Hey Adella, I would love to know your exact routine, products and supplements. You have alot of knowhow and I'm willing to try whatever you did. I been looking into to dermaroller for a while but... I just don't know where to start. There is so much information and everyone does it differently.
  9. Whaaaaat?!?!?!? SPF 50 for the rest of your life after fractional laser? Why? I thought there was just a chance to develop pigmentation about 4-5 months post the laser MAX.... 11 years, what the hell?
  10. Maybe you should look into the subject before making comments like this. Active and Deep FX isn't the same. In fact the Deep FX can go as deep as 2mm but it wouldn't be wise to go this deep. Deep FX also has more tissue ablation than the re:pair. Not saying Deep FX Is better btw, I hardly had any results from it.
  11. lol, i hate torturing myself but i think its better to know than to go around pretending. Agree, It's stupid to hide from yourself. It's better to know the truth and know how other people see you right?
  12. Isnt this quite a common scar treatment? I'm really interested in this also because I have 2 deep pockmarks on my cheek. They are next to eachother and I would love a linear scar instead. There was a guy on the forum with pics some time ago. He had excision on his cheek done. It was quite a large area and it looked fucking awesome afterwards.
  13. I have to say you have a great doctor if this is what she told you. Good to see there are still some honest doctors out there who aren't just trying to sell their treatments. I had 2 total FX treatments and I can say from experience that the results you see now will subside mostly. Your skin is swollen for another week or 2 even if you don't really notice it. Now, I'm 7 months post the 2 treatments and my skin has NOT improved as much as it was swollen for the first 2 weeks, but it got a little
  14. those pictures were from my second treatment and i've had 2 more since then! Meh.. your videos scream advertisement without any decent pictures or valuable information. I'll pass.