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  1. One day soon the sadness you are feeling about your hairloss will go away and you will remember your experience but it will be nothing but a memory. Hang in there! Matt Hi Matt -- I just wanted to say that I love your positivity. I've spent the last week really depressed about my thinning hair. I keep telling myself that I just have to fight through this and know that I will be ok no matter what! It's nice to hear your encouragement and how you're dealing! Amy
  2. Thanks Mike. Ok I'll ask my dermatologist to do this when I go see him in 2 weeks. Last appointment I mentioned my hair loss and he brushed it off, told me to take Iron pills and said he's never seen permanent hair loss in any of his Accutaine patients. Guess that was supposed to satisfy me! (it didn't!)
  3. Thanks Steve, yup I saw that thread. The 139 pages is a bit daunting! I have my doubts about supplements as well, but as I'm sure I don't get enough vitamins in my daily diet, I think it's a good idea either way!
  4. Hey there NYgirl, need not worry I am sure your hair will grow back, as well as in thickness, don't sweat it. Hair thinning has happened to a lot of people in which many have seen complete reversals of the hair loss in the months and years after completing their accutane course. Remember to get your blood tested as well to check your levels and everything!

  5. Hi Everyone -- I know there are tons of posts about hair loss on Accutane, but I'm really just posting because I need some moral support and to get this off my chest! I finished up my Accutane course about 2 weeks ago and my hair is falling out like crazy! I've always had very thick, curly hair -- a lot of it! But now I lose handfuls every day, and my hair feels much thinner and fine. I've also noticed my scalp showing through a bit more than ever, although I don't believe my hair loss is notic
  6. You look great! I just finished up my treatment last week and for the last month I've been losing about a handful of hair every day too. At first I wasn't too worried, but now I'm having major PANIC. haha, my hair is definitely a lot thinner and finer than ever -- I usually have thick, curly hair! I bought Nioxin which is a shampoo for thinning hair and some kind of similar conditioner by Folicure. I've also started taking biotin, iron pills and vitamin e. I'm hoping to stop the thinning and th
  7. Hi Everyone -- Well I finished up my pills this week. And my skin looks pretty good -- no actives!! Now I just have to deal with the red marks, but I'm starting to be ok with them. I'm having major panic attacks though -- the past month and a half my hair has been thinning A LOT. Whenever I wash my hair (every 2 or 3 days) tons of strands fall out, and then when I put my styling products in my hair afterwards, a lot more comes out. NOT a normal amount at all. I'm talking a lot. I mentioned t
  8. DAY 126 So the cysts I mentioned last week have definitely gone down in size a lot. Phew!!! I just have a slightly large normal pimple on the corner of my forehead, but I'm not really worried about it. I'm pretty sure it's just hormonal. My hair has been falling out a lot though. I have a lot of hair -- pretty thick, big and wavy. I've always shed a lot of hair but now it seems like much more. I've been using a Tressemme conditioner that has B vitamins in it, but maybe I should add Vitamin B
  9. DAY 121 Hi! So last I wrote, I had a huge cyst on my cheek that didn't go away after the first injection. I went back about 4 days later and had her inject it along with a few smaller cysts. Well, days later and the cyst was still there! So I made yet another appointment and saw my actual Derm and not the Physician's Assistant and he injected a whole buttload of small cysts and the huge one. That was 2 days ago, and so far (crosses fingers) the big cheek cyst appears to be subsiding somewhat.
  10. there will be some rough days but there will definitely be some clear days! it's a long road, but you're on your way! stay positive
  11. 6 months isn't so bad! Hopefully this will really kick the acne for good.
  12. Day 112 So I had my derm appoint on Monday and met with this new Physicians Assistant instead of my normal derm. She seemed nice except she said, "wow that's a big one," to the cyst that I had classified as "medium" sized for me. Ouch. She injected maybe 4 pimples and told me that if I have big ones that I should just show up to the office for injections and to not wait a whole month. I've tried this in the past but usually the receptionists would book for like a week after I call, but now that
  13. wow thank you guys so much for all your support! Coming to this board and reading kind words of encouragement really make all the difference. I'm not giving up hope!! I have a derm appointment tomorrow and I'm always more positive about my skin when I'm heading there. I currently have 2 cysts on my face -- I would label them as my "medium" size. Hopefully the derm will inject them and they'll fade away forever. One is slightly deeper in the skin so I hope injecting it doesn't make it angry ---
  14. Day 105-ish (3 1/2 months) Still breaking out --- argh!! I have 3 decent sized zits on my face this week. One has been sitting under the surface for a very long time -- it had been a huge cyst about 2 years ago and my derm had removed it and injected it, but I could always still feel something under the skin. Well, he's started to emerge to the surface over the past few days. I'm almost hoping it comes to the surface a bit more because I have a derm appointment in about 6 days and want that th
  15. I really like yer display picture- really styley/cool with the background and everything! :)