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  1. I agree on the island, anyone in Los Angeles can message me and we'll start planning haha, anyway I'm going through a similar thing were i just want to jump off a bridge because i can't enjoy anything in life anymore because of my acne it went from pretty controlled to full blown disgustingness in less than two months and that has killed my already low self esteem even more. But all i can say is, it'll get better, either your skin will get better or your life will. That's what I'm hoping for, fo
  2. Someone with confidence acts as if nothing is wrong with them, (not to be confused with conceited-ness haha) they'll talk to/befriend anyone and go about their day happy and outgoing. Well that's what i think confidence is anyway. And someone without it, is shy, puts themselves down constantly or doesn't get too close to people. Anywho though when i was in high school there was one guy who had severe acne and scarring but he was still attractive to alot of girls, i even had a crush on him, a
  3. I'm having a similar problem too, i haven't showed my boyfriend my actual skin, it was always with make up on and recently, i don't know why but I've been breaking out really really bad, its the worst its been and make up is not doing the trick anymore, and I'm seeing him tomorrow and we haven't seen each other in like two weeks and my face is alot worse than the last time i saw him and I'm kind of afraid of what he'll say. He's usually very sweet and knows i have alot of insecurities and has al
  4. so i have been using dans regimen for a while now and so far it has done wonders for me so far i have a few bumps on my forhead but theyre really not that noticeable anyways i have like severely oily skin after each period which is an hour at my school i always have to blot with a napkin and reaply blot powder its crazy oily and so i have been researching on this site about things that are good for oily skin and i found vit b5 as a potential cure for severely oily skin but i also saw
  5. Thanks for the responses guys, my skin went back to normal but is still really dry but I'd rather have dry skin then bumpy skin
  6. I was doing so well I'm on Dan's regimen and it works beautifully but recently my skin has gotten dry around the mouth area so I decided to use olive oil massages for the dead skin at first it was working great but now I have a whitehead on the right, a small red cyst on my chin and two little red spots on the left of my mouth I was acne free for like 5 months and then this happens I know alot of people have it worse but I don't know if this is going to continue if it does I will....I don't kn
  7. I used to use EM for about a year but after hearing how bad they had started to become I went looking for another brand, now I use Ecoglo Minerals. I think its pretty good and its affordable too. They have a free sample kits too I think haha. XP
  8. A few days ago I cant really remember what day exactly, I put on a mud mask and I do this about once a week or whenenever I remember, anyways I know the mud is pretty rough when I'm rinsing it off so I make sure I rinse it off gently but this time I sort of scrubbed a bit hard and after I was done rinsing, my face was a little red and usually its not. After I do the mask I always use my ACV/water toner but because of the harsh scrubbing it burned more than usual...so the next day I noticed that
  9. So basically I have gotten rid of almost all of my acne except for three noticeable but not horrid pimples, the thing is now I have scars and I don't know what to do. I am thinking of trying Dan's AHA but I'm really scared that I might break out from it and then keep breaking out and I was also thinking of maybe doing some TCA peels myself but I'm sure I would just end up messing up or something. I would go to a dematologist but right now my parents can't afford that and plus I'm afraid they mig
  10. well for me it didnt really work that well it worked ok nothing great but defenitely try it xP it could work for you
  11. Thank you dude youre products work really well XD

  12. ive got a mustache somewhere i bought it from this little twenty five cent machine i shall post a pic eventually x)