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  1. sorry guys im taking the uploader down :S ive been getting a lot of people trying to send attacks and trying and execute their own scripts on my server. i have to say ..... its been a VERY active community. nearly 100% of my upload speed is in use at all times with the images i currently host. i dont mind it, thats what its for. its great that this community is so large than i can evaluate its progress by watching my upload speeds. if you have any images let me know and ill gladly email them t
  2. this is my last reply. if anyone wants to reply to me, please dont jack the thread, just PM me. you do not know what i believe. and yes i unerstand that science should be smart enough to know that. i mean, if i have thought of it ..... so hve millions of others. im just bringing forth the point that anything is possible and everything eventually can melt into one thing as far as relation goes. you seem not to understand me. and i did not call christians weak minded. id appreciate if you guys wou
  3. whoa slow down. actually i dont know what it is, do you? i assume you assume that by reading that you think you know. i did not convey hell as anything good or bad. this is not a fine line, many interpretations can come from my statement. eternal hell can very easily mean being perished. i never stated anything about the intensity of it either. as far as the origin of a word ... its just that ... an origin. i have no idea what relevance that has. thanks for reading my post though and im not t
  4. your post is very intelligently written as was your statement to the teacher. i credit yo for taking the matter into your hands and actually letting the sudden emotion pass over before confronting him. i try and be that way a lot .... but an incident like that would be pushing my limits
  5. just because there is stuff that you cant explain twirling around orbits doesnt mean the social definition of god is what made it. for all anyone knows, we could be an experiment under contol of other humans who discovered time travel, or else mental encapsulation and truncation. they could have blocked our minds with some juice and have us as a literal experiment. maybe its my mental mindstate but i have trouble believing stuff i cant prove. as much as i believe a god made all this ..... human
  6. we all know this is right .... but a lot of us cant do it anyways. like asking a girl out ..... everyone wants to, but even though its not a mental struggle of embarassment .... its still hard i have to also agree with you. my reason for saying i agree with both is A) i cant do muhc of anyhting if i breakout and yet B) look at peple with acne. when i look at people with acne im almost drawn to them. i dont even see their acne and if they act unaffected by it ... then its like it doesnt exist al
  7. ive been on a regimen of glycolic wash and bioclear cream for about 2 years now since acne started hitting me hard. it stalemated at first, then progressively got better over the last 2 years. i now have a pimple or 2 from shaving and im really happy. the store i get my products from was out of my cream *the more important of the 2* and i havent skipped a single treatment in over 2 years. what the heck, 1 day wont hurt. the next day it was in either, nor the next. i shouldnt have put it off and
  8. i used to notice it ...... if u give it long enough it will switch and switch back ... and back again ... and even out ... then 33/66, then 50/50 ... then ... u get what i mean. thats how mine was
  9. id dint really read muhc of the initial post or any replies, but heres my basic moisturizer advice ..... dont overdo it my derm SWEARS cetaphil is non clogging great moisturizer .... while i can not prove nor disporve him, i can share experience. if i skip a measley day ..... ill become a bit dry, if i put too much below my bottom lip i can tell it gets smooth, but also oily, and has the little yellow poppable heads. if i apply it anywhere else on my face that doesnt NEED it .... my skin in t
  10. ive been on the same regimen for over 2 years now. started when i was 16 .... recently turned 19. i used to think it would never stop and it wasnt getting better .... its like it exponentially gets better for me b/c the more i look at my face and think .... gah i hate that pimple or i hate those 2 pimples. then i remember that only a year before i WISHED i only had 1-2 pimples. i seem to NEVER have to look in the mirror before going places now b/c my face is staying strong and getting less an
  11. i live in a little town of MAYBE 5k people and a skin care place moved in from a larger town, they have much better business here they said. i was a customer even before they got their own building *used to be a room in the hospital* they sell a lot of jan marini products. they have a line of glycolic, salysilic, and other cleaner products. http://www.newageskincare.com
  12. yea, college is full of people with acne. i kid you not, in my music class of 50 or so people, ATLEAST 85% have 10 or more pimples. the percentage is a lot higher in college than in HS. i guess people with acne tend to be more non outgoing and study more?!?!?!?!?
  13. 3 times in 3 years and i paid like hell for missing one little treatment each time
  14. whoever can do this can u plz post HOW and post a link here to the new thread? im interested but its like a secret or soemthing