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  1. Well thanks guy, I appreciate the feedback. My dads nose looks a bit like that, but not as obvious. I may look into concealer or maybe laser treatments or something
  2. So since I was maybe 14 I've had acne. Now, it's basically clear everywhere except my nose. I'm not sure if it's just enlarged pores, or blackheads, or even something else. I've gone to derms for help, and they treat it like blackheads and just give me creams like duac that end up making it worse no matter how mild they are. I've attached pictures, but I'm wondering if anyone can tell me straightforward what it is, and any possible solutions. My friends at school all recommend Accutane, and say
  3. Thank you! I'll check into that, and I'll cut back on my vitamin A intake. Appreciate all the feedback guys (:
  4. Well I think what I'm taking must be a bit different, because its daily amount is 25k IU. Which is one pill. Know what I'm saying? Like why is it so high for one pill if that's the "daily intake" on the bottle?
  5. Alright, thank you! Do you buy it anywhere specific?
  6. Yeah, I'm trying to be as careful as possible. 50k IU is the most I'll take, which, if I'm correct isn't a crazy amount, but I'm still going to see if I start experiencing any side effects.
  7. Okay, I will definitely cut out those! I bought vitamin D-3 from the same alternative health food store, but it's only 400 IU per pill, and I did not want to take like 10 of them a day. All my pills are from the brand Solaray, and my Vitamin A is called Dry A. Don't know if that helps, but if you could recommend a different brand of D that contains more IU, that would be very helpful.
  8. Okay, well I'm an 18 year old male. I started getting acne around 13, and since my mother had never had it, she had no experience, and loaded me down with products that basically dried my skin out horribly. I was constantly smearing on spot treatments, and trying to get rid of it ASAP. Well, I soon realized that I was causing way more damage than anything, and my face burning and cracking all the time sucked too. I now just use water, and my face is basically clear, besides random breakouts, a r
  9. Dwolfe

    Cleared up my acne Worked fast It's helped my blackheads Makes my skin look great!! It's kinda messy but not that big a deal I'm so glad I tried this natural remedy! I slather it on my face about 2 hours before bed and rub it in around my nose. I usually leave it on for the whole 2 hours, but that's not necessary. My skin is smooth and glowing! I've even started having plugs come out of my nose which is amazing since my blackheads are like cemented in. Can't recommend this enough!
    Works fast Isn't harsh on my sensetive skin Prevents future acne somewhat Is a little expensive if you don't have a coupon It worked amazingly for me, and I'm definately going to continue usung it.