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  1. Hi there! I used accutane for 2 months taking 40 mg per day, it worked pretty well I must say. My acne wasn't so bad and my skin cleared up in a month time. So I went on taking it for another month just to be sure and because my derm told me so. I haven't been using it for a couple of months now, but in the last 2 weeks I noticed that oily skin is coming back, and I'm concerned that my acne will return as well. Is it normal to get oily skin again and will my acne come back? What should I do? Sho
  2. Thank you for your answers . My weight is 53 kg, so if I keep the 40mg/day, I should go on with the treatment for 5 months. What if my skin looks ok in a shorter time, should I go on taking tane or stop as my derm tells me? Is there any chance my acne returns for not finishing the hole 5 months treatment? I really don't like that my skin feels so dry now, and it's red like I'm feeling embarrassed all the time Hope for the best though, till next time Ciao
  3. Hi I've been using accutane for two weeks now. Till now everything is going just fine. I'm taking 40mg a day. I've got oily skin and not very severe acne. I've never had acne before, just the last 6 months. My dermatologist told me that maybe I won't need to do all the treatment, maybe 2 months will be ok to get my skin back to normal. Does it work in such a short time for non very severe acne?