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  1. MADS they do not really like the sound very good friend, if I call "Friends" and people say I about my skin then i will bitch slap them It does not like your illness is very sympathetic to the voice of your family, your mother or father has never been acne? Do you have brothers and sisters have? I can understand that you never want to see, I think that some days too (today happens to be one of them) it will be good, if the whole world is blind, when this happens, but you can not change it Unf
  2. it doesn't help my acne, but it does help me not give a fuck so yes, hail the green!
  3. Chikorita

    bio oil

    i tried it for my scars for about a year, did absolutely fuck all.
  4. i have woken up clear many times, it turns a normal day into a great one, completely elevates my mood and self condifence. It never lasts though, a day or two later and i break out, thus returning to the normal drudgery of life
  5. yes it's very depressing, nothing helps either which is even worse. no matter what i do i'm always going to be judged by it too. i hate people
  6. Hey, did you get my PM? Reply back if you can.

  7. Empty your inbox Silly Bear, i'm trying to send you something.

    Care Bear x

  8. who cares! my boyfriend knows a place where you can get the new iPhone 4, iPad, Wii, TV, PS3 plus more - for FREE. All you have to do to get your free gift is take out a free 14 day DVD rental trial with Lovefilm (as seen on TV). Or just complete one free trial from several available. Find out more about this great offer at gadgetsfree4u.co.uk
  9. I used to want to, but you have to remember that things were even worse back then.
  10. $1000 a month!!!!???????? That's insane! How cruel that must feel, to be within arms reach of a solution. Perhaps you could steal some or become a prostitute?
  11. I'm sorry for your pain. I wish the world were a better place for us acne ridden folk to live in, i've never understood why people feel the need to point out acne, we're not circus freaks.
  12. Stop being a smartass to him and shut the fuck up. If you dont like him then dont go in his threads ^ This. Just leave the guy alone, he's not hurting anyone, it's just you who is turning this thread into something it's not.
  13. i am always open to discuss music with a fellow patron =] though i don't use IM anymore, my acne inbox is empty though so fire away! do you have any recordings of you playing?

  14. Yeah, music today sucks balls, any of this synth pop shit, anyone can sound good with an autotuner, big whoop! Then those same people have the audacity to call metal nothing but "noise" >:[ their ears are weak and misleading

  15. I'm from The Marshall Islands, and what kind of azn are you?

  16. Thanks :) Heard you're quite the guitar player, what axe you ripping? Been thinking of getting an 7 string Ibanez but not sure if they're worth it, cheaper than Dean Razorbacks atleast lol

  17. Hey, where have you gone JJ?

  18. All it did was make me hate apples and Chris Gibson.
  19. I'm pretty sure zits begin quite deep within the dermis, and what you see is only the head of it.
  20. If the good Lord and I cross paths then I will listen to His every word, I just haven't met Him yet