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  1. Hey im a 22yr old guy, and have been "suffering" from acne and acne scaring for 4 or 5 years now. Anyways, Ive been using Steiva-A 0.05 cream ( Retin-A) once a night, and i always use more then im supposed too. My question is, Am I able to do CHEMICAL PEELS such as TCA peel, or Jessnar Peel while using 0.05 strength of tretinon? And how long should I stop using Retin-A for before a chemical peel and what is a safe strength to do the peels with? I appreciate any and all feed back, Thanks
  2. Ive been going in for jessner peels. The last one ive gotten was over 3 mnths ago. Is it safe to go on retin-a?
  3. I have been going to the derm. for jessner peels to help with acne, and acne scaring. 30% strength and have had 4 done. They even out my skin tone and help with acne, skin tone and even acne scaring...Its been 3 months sense ive done a peel... Im thinking about getting another peel (my 5th one) OR should I forget about the peel and try RETIN-A? What do you guys think? Would retin-a help better with my skin tone and shallow scars?
  4. BRAWN how is excision dangerous? I am considering getting it done. I heard its the 1st thing they learn as a surgeon. Have u heard any cons
  5. Try a series of Glycolic or Jesnner they worked great for me. Shrunk pores and icepicks
  6. Have you used glycolic cleansers? 5 or 10%?
  7. Im going to be starting a 3 step glycolic acid regime ( Cleanser 10%, Toner 10% , Moisterizer%) Im going to be using DDF products. Has ANYONE been on a similar regime? Pros/Cons from your experience? Thanks
  8. My questions - Can subcision leave you with a scar? or does it leave you with a scar? - Can it make scars worse? - Does subcision work on those little tiny circular scars that look like enlarged pores? - Do they stitch you up after the procedure? - Will subcision improve all scar types including non acne scars - Can you do subcision if you've taken accutane? Anyone who has undergone subcision i would love to hear about your experience GOOD or BAD thanks!
  9. Yeah thats what i meant to say. Still wondering which would be more effective. Glycolics you can do more of sense you can recieve one like every 3 weeks tca 3mnth-6mnth... not sure about jessner
  10. Which would work best for pretty shallow acne scarring on the cheeks? a series of 6 glycolics? thats 6 layers of skin off right? or a strong 3 layer 25% TCA or a jenser peel??
  11. Got a full face tca 15% on dec.20th is it too early to go and get another one??
  12. Welcoming all types of journeys with derma-rolling & individual needling. This website is for giving and recieving insight, personal opionions and advice so lets get an ear full of it! Thank you
  13. Hey there I am really glad to see someone else start a new thread on this topic. Most of the other derma-rolling logs go on forever and it is just to much for me to read from the beggining all the way to the end... Anyway i was wondering if you plan on putting before and after pics up like, before roll & after roll blah blah blah... anyways that would be really help full to see how it is done/looks like and the progress you will be making. Pics just make it a bit more encouraging but its to