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  1. sounds like it , if i take it before i eat a larger meal i just make sure i have milk with it.
  2. what facial cleanser do you guys use? i absolutely hate cetaphil. before accutane i originally used the neutrogena oil free acne wash cream cleanser, but stopped when i started. my dermatologist gave me some cetaphil and i used it for a while but i just dont like the feeling. so right now im using the clean'n'clear morning burst, but im wondering if i should or not. preferably i'd like something that lathers, but i dont want it to be runny. a cream or a thick gel would be what i would like. th
  3. for me its definitely blistex in the tube. or carmex
  4. if i doubt i wouldnt do this at all, but ask your dermo.
  5. i am getting really dry on accutane. my favorite moisturizer for my body is Moisturel. my dermo recommended it (i had to ask at the pharmacy for it, its labeled at a theraputic lotion) but it is my favorite 100%.
  6. talk to your dermo. i know someone who had to do a second cycle