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  1. Hello All... Its been a long time since I've written a blog entry... probably a little less than a year. Since I have a little time at work to post in lieu of my skin regimen change, I thought I'd post something. If you read the beginning of my blog, you'll learn that I used to love Proactiv Solution but when I turned 21, my skin started reacting to it in the weirdest way. Needless to say, I stop using it and fortunately, was able to maintain clear skin for the next 6 years by simply wash
  2. Hello... This Thursday marks 20 weeks since I've started Taz and I feel BEAUTIFUL again. I mean... I really feel good about myself and I don't wear make-up except for special occasions like going out to dinner or something. But for every day work... no! I don't try to cover my face or hide my cheeks with my hair. I'm just open and more confident. Needless to say... I'm clear and don't feel anything underneath the skin. I won't bore you with a long post... IT WORKS!
  3. So, I'm in love with this product. It's working for me like none other. Ohhh... I'm so sorry for taking 4 (almost 5 weeks) to post something. I've been extremely busy at work and moving. I've been exhausted and tired. It's been bad. But what's been good is my Taz journey. I've been using Taz religiously for 17 weeks and my skin looks a world of a lot better. Over the past four weeks, I've missed about five days (not consecutively) and never woke up to a pimple. I had one random pimple near m
  4. I don't mean to boast, but my progress is getting better and better... and better... and better. Not one single pimple this week and the hyperpigmentation is getting better day by day. I'm almost feeling like myself again and my skin is the best that it's been since the summer. I think I know what the key is... NO MOISTURIZER!!! I know. I know. We've all read article after article... after blog after blog stating that us "acne folk" need to moisturize even though we breakout. Well, two
  5. I'm going to keep this very short.... Yay! I made it to the 12-week mark and I couldn't be happier. Everything is going well with my skin. I got a couple of small blackheads this week but I easily extracted them and they didn't leave a scar. The hyperpigmentation is fading day by day. And not using moisturizer in my regimen is working wonders. For the first 10 weeks I would moisturize my face after washing in the mornings but when I told my derm what I was doing last week, he told me to stop usi
  6. I'm happy to be of some encouragement to you. Although Taz didn't work as fast as I would like, I really think it's going to work for the long haul and battle my hormonal acne during times of stress. Currently, I'm not using any sunscreen because I'm not in the sun for long periods of time. In the past, I've used moisturizers with SPF 15 and the dark spots would never get any darker. Since I started using Taz, I've refrained from being in the sun for extended periods of time because I want to se
  7. Actually, tomorrow will mark 11 weeks that I've been on Tazorac... but who's counting. I went to the derm today and again, I don't know how I'm supposed to feel. During my last visit, he asked me if I thought the product was working. I was rather confused because he's the derm so shouldn't he be telling me if the product is working or not? This time, he didn't say it was working but, he didn't say it wasn't working. I told him that I was pleased with the product so far because the results ar
  8. Good for you! I firmly believe you have to take your health matters in your own hands. Doctors are only people. They've been taught how to treat acne and stick to the same regime for everyone. It's definitely a money-making business. I'm happy I could be of some assistant to you. I hated to hear that you weren't seeing the results you wanted and I figured it may be because you were using it during the day. I would've loved to see your derms face. You know your skin better than anyone else, so go
  9. So you're using Taz at night?
  10. 10 Weeks! Can you believe it. I've actually made it to week 10 of my Taz journey and I couldn't be happier at this point. You're probably thinking: "Why did she name this blog entry '10 weeks/ I'm African American'?" I wanted to remind African Americans who seek out acne.org for answers to their acne woes that there's a faithful, ethnic person blogging about a product outside of Accutane. As an African American, I've found that many people don't have answers to our skin problems because of t
  11. Thursday, February 18 marked my 9-week anniversary on Taz. What I've concluded about this week is... ONLY PUT TAZ ON THE PROBLEM AREAS AND NOWHERE ELSE! I'm so serious when I say this because if you start putting Taz on areas where you usually don't breakout, that part of your skin will begin to go through the initial breakout stage just as the problem areas did. Taz can't judge what areas are better or worse than the other. It will treat all skin the same and if there's underlying elements that
  12. I wish you the best using a retinoid. I've been on Taz for 8 weeks and I love it. It hasn't been completely easy, but my skin is really looking great. Taz and Retin-A are in the same class so if you need a little support or want to read what may be ahead in your experience, please check out my blog.
  13. The good thing is, I've made it to 8 weeks on Taz. I believe the initial breakout stage is over for me, but I had a slight breakout this week. I don't believe the three pimples I got were from using Taz but from drinking too much milk and my cycle started this week. I know consuming dairy products doesn't add to the clarity of my skin, but I've just been having a craving for milk lately. Now that I see the effects on my skin, I'm going back to only drinking water and not the occasional glass of
  14. The first time my acne broke out like this was when I transferred colleges and again when I started planning my wedding... so that's why I think it's hormone related. Both times, I wasn't on the pill when I initially broke out. The first time, I started using the pill but not for acne reasons but stopped after a month because they irritated my stomach... and my acne cleared up on it's own. This time, I started using the pill (Ortho Lo) right after I started using Taz... and still using it... but
  15. I think if you keep using the Taz at night, you will see the results you're supposed to. I'm not advising you to go against what your derm has prescribed, but really, I think you should be using it at night because that's what all the research and success stories say to do. Even the Taz website says use it at night... that's how it's been formulated. Maybe you should ask your derm if there's something else you can use in the morning to get rid of the acne. I say this because most times, derms tr