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    • just read your whole subscision thread...very detailed...thank you
    • question for you, what was your downtime from the 15% tca peels?
  1. we are all different and all have different triggers, for me giving up gluten got me clearer but not clear, then I gave up dairy and that helped an additional amount...so much better now but for others it's not diet it's hormonal, and others have a genetic disposition to clogging sebaceous glands that is why this isn't easy- but don't give up, keep a journal, keep trying things - never give up!
  2. using distilled water mix a 50/50 combination to dilute the 70% to 35% then follow instructions, and go slow do the minimum time...and gauge reaction....slow and steady, if your skin can handle it then you move up time and strength the horror stories come from those who do too much too soon good luck and keep us posted!
  3. I've read that study too....and keep thinking I should do it...I've done many things over the years to improve my scars and I still use a dermastamp every 10 days....Perservering what depth stamp are you using and how strong is the TCA? what's the downtime of the TCA? and you are using retin a or tazorac right? that is the other key to that study let us know and GuevaraBeats, I should have commented, your scarring is pervasive but luckily for you not deep- I agree you would benefit from
  4. orange juice is not a good thing to drink...stick with whole fruits and foods...avoid it even if it doesn't break you out!
  5. good for you - I too am gluten free, soy free and dairy free....haven't gone paleo yet, I am very thin and I can't afford to lose weight you look very slim too....are you able to maintain your weight on this diet? and good for you for doing it the hard way!! so great when you find your answer!!!!
  6. sadly that's becoming the exception and not the rule....personally I'd only let the doctor do it, but it's more about experience with the machines I guess you want to make sure that they have experience before they touch you, particularly if it's going to be a deep treatment -- perhaps the doctor does those and the lighter more surface treatments are done by the nurses and assistants
  7. BP doesn't work for everyone- but there are other things, have you seen a derm? how old are you?...male or female? clean up your diet, minimize processed food, clean whole foods, ditch dairy if you haven't, that's a big trigger for many, give it 30 days see if it works for you if you are open to it the derm will give you antibiotics and likely a BP/clindamycin lotion...that may kick start things..... is your acne cystic? that's a whole different animal sadly...give us a little more info
  8. it's not cystic but it's pervasive, and I get the frustration trust me...looks like it would respond well to a topical, what do you wash with and treat with am and pm?
  9. try photo dynamic therapy - they put an acid on your face ALA and you incubate then it's activated with red and blue light....it's what they do for pre cancerous lesions....it can be very helpful in shrinking the sebaceous glands also clean up your diet if you haven't, ditch dairy if you haven't and see what happens, it's a trigger for many but do look into the acne PDTs, expensive but if you can swing it, that's where I would go next
  10. you should look into subscision on some of the deeper rolling scars first, then follow up with derma rolling - I think that would speed things up considerably for you many threads on subscision here, Mr Matt saw GREAT results and I believe he's still an active member good luck, get a plan and get going- everything can be improved
  11. so he's not a derm or a ps, is he a nurse practioner? or a physician's assistant? I'd want to understand his background and experience sure. I've had the erbium resurfacing, it did help, but the downtime was very rough, much worse than I thought...so you really need a minimum of 2 weeks off, minimum- but there was improvement, no doubt....I now do dermastamping on the remaining rolling scars, but the erbium smoothed things out, no doubt....but wowzer, what a long recovery I had fraxels to
  12. I would lower the dosage, yes it extends the time, but minimizes side effects, and right now you need a normal active life, and that includes football for you so drop the dose down, try 20 twice a day, and if that is still an issue then go to 30 (20 am and 10 pm)...you'll find the right dose, and if after football you feel like you want to go back up, then you do
  13. and it certainly didn't slow him down....it's all about the attitude- perhaps he had a rough time as a youth, but who knows? I've always wished some popular tv personality with obvious acne scars would share their story- and I'm talking obvious scars, not Adam Levine type But in general it's true, we are so tough on ourselves and obsess over things that others glance at
  14. when you are on Accutane, even a low dose, your skin will be dryer...no need to dry it all, just stick to the spots I think it's a very good approach, low dose....please keep us posted!