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  1. How much improvement did you get from the microdermabrasion sessions? You have given me hope, that maybe one day my scars will be less noticable thank you!
  2. Hi, Is Pixel the same as Fraxel? I have heard so many negative reviews about Fraxel, but some quite good ones for Pixel? How can that be if they are the same thing?
  3. I have the exact same problem. You can't see the holes from a distance but when I get really close to mirror they are all there. I am thinking mine are scarred pores, because I have ice pick and they do not look similar. I have a derm appointment in a week or so about them. I will let you know what i find out! I am hoping microdermabrasion will help
  4. Has anyone had smoothbeam for acne scars? If so, did you see improvement? Is it still provided? I have tried to search for a derm who does it, but not many do Thanks!
  5. If you want to looked tanned get a spray tan. It really doesn't turn you orange, and hides my red marks to the point that I don't even wear makeup!
  6. Does any one know of any good acne scar specialists in florida? or anyone had good results with a derm in florida?
  7. I am planning to get 10-12 microdermabrasions done, will it help at all (for the shallower scars)? I have been reading all these boards and every treatment has so many bad reviews that i feel microdermabrasion is the safest... what treatment should i consider for my scars? I am currently looking for a new derm, as my old one does not even look at my face and just decides what will make him the most money thanks in advance
  8. Has anyone had micro dermabrasion? Or anyone know about it? I am planning to get it done, in hopes of improving some shallow scars? I know that it will most likely not improve my deeper scars, but would it do them any harm? Whenever i look for before and after images, know one is shown who has acne scars. Does it work at all? Thanks
  9. Has the retin a been working at all for your boxcar scars? My face is a mess with scars atm, and i am using retin a too, hoping it will reduce them slightly. Let me know if you get any improvement
  10. How long should I wait after taking accutane to have a chemical peel? Thanks
  11. Has anyone ever used this: Olay regenerist microdermabrasion kit how long do you think i should wait after finishing accutane to use it?
  12. Hey everyone, I was just wondering in your opinion what you consider to be a shallow scar? Its kinda hard to measure actual depth of scars, unless you have any suggestions how to? So do you consider a scar to be shallow depending on if you can see it in certain distances from a mirror? I am just kinda confused on what is considered shallow and what isn't so any opinions welcome
  13. Does anyone know if it is okay to use the applecider vinegar regime and retin a together? Like one day use the vinegar, the next use retin a?
  14. Hey guys Here are some photos of my cheek. What kind of treatment would you recommend? I am currently on retin-a just for red marks, I know it won't improve the scarring. I am clueless when it comes to deciding what type of scarring it is, and possible treatments, any help would be great Thanks