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  1. Hi, Mine is the Beauty Skin lamp and was bought from a company based in Southport - if you do a search they also are a distributor for the S A D lamps - are on Amazon
  2. Tbh it's too soon for me to say if there is any skin tone or texture difference - but I can say that today, despite how horrific my skin was one week ago, with a little make-up you couldn't tell at all
  3. Not sure if it's the same as it's a UK product, but I have Dalacin T topical solution, which is BP and clindamycin together? I am not using anything other than jojoba oil, Decleor Prolagene gel (for the scarring) followed by either the Decleor Harmonie moisturiser for day or Decleor Essential Balm at night (decongests the skin). The only reason I am not using the Dalacin T is because it dries my skin so badly, and it's already dry bordering on flaking when I finish using the lamp, so will be g
  4. tbh everything I read said to use together and that if no difference after 3 months then maybe change, so as yours can do either or, I would stick to both at same time for now
  5. Same here - not straight away but certainly by halfway - the instructions on the beauty skin say no to sit closer than 15inches away which is how far away I sit and can still feel the heat.
  6. Usually the jaw area is related to hormones, but not sure if that is the same for blokes? I can promise you that using the lamp and it working is a small price to pay for feeling embarrassed about using it/having people know about it. Tbh if he takes the mick out of you for using it he is an @rse, and you will have the last laugh when it works! I just wish this had been about when I was 18! *shame* now don't I just feel old *lol*
  7. Hi, I am on day 4 with mine - most of my cysts have gone, though the cluster on my chin is much deeper, and a new one has appeared - possibly the purging starting? AM looking for advice on product regime whilst using i.e. I normally apply a clay mask once a week but should I now do this after the lamp, or before? My skin was flaking quite badly the first 2 days after using as I have dry skin as well as the acne, but I think that is partly through not moisturising straight after cleansing?
  8. Lucky_9 Just wondering how your skin is nearly a yr later? I have just started, day 2, and can so empathise with your earlier posts, at the moment I too have a lovely 'area' and am just hoping I get the same results as you - though as a girl, mine have a hormonal element, but like you they clear up fantastic in the sun turnmeoneway - mine defo does not have the insert - is it defo built in to the housing or just slotted in the front? Would recommend giving the place of purchase a call as it s
  9. I am in the UK too and have just received a Dr Kern Beauty Skin Lamp for Xmas - though was allowed to open it early to get a head start - cost was just under £200 from the main distributor in the UK based in Southport. My acne has been a fixture since I was 10/11 just before periods started and am now 30 so there is defo a hormonal element to them, but the reason I finally went for the BS, was due to the fact in summer, or at least when abroad, my skin clears up 90-100% by the end of the two
  10. I am on Day 2 of using the Beauty Skin lamp (early Xmas pressie) and am wondering/hoping the same thing. However, because it has to be used on clean dry skin, and therefore you could be without moisturiser for 20mins after cleansing, I have noticed my skin has gone very flaky straight after, but fingers crossed that is just due to the weather combined with no moisturiser straight after cleansing If anyone knows if you can apply a moisturiser beforehand, even if its 30mins-1hr before that would
  11. sounds like they used a dermaroller on you - seems to be the big new thing for acne and anti-aging I have been reading up about them and the best place I found for advice was the Essential Day Spa forums as there are a few doctors/derms who give off the record advice but general rule is you can apply products as normal afterwards with a couple of exceptions so do double check