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  1. Nonsense. Acne is caused by people not washing their face. Fact!
  2. I can relate completely to the isolation, except I enjoy that I don't have to socialise with anyone anymore. No more bullshit, no more pretending, no more dependency or favours or being forced to attend places I hate with people I barely tolerate. Just a handful of close friends, family and myself. Since I stopped all the bullshit i've learnt so much about me and what makes me who I am. I've acquired skills I never thought I would learn, I have dreams and ideas that eclipse anything I could eve
  3. No wonder you're so miserable. Take the accutane and get clear, that's what i'm doing. Fuck the side affects, don't be a pussy.
  4. I think it's something like "My Controls" and then "Change Username".
  5. That's great That's the second thread in emo with a positive message, makes a nice change
  6. I don't think the army really care about acne; as long as you have expendable limps I think you're good to roll.
  7. Consider misanthropy. You don't need people in your life, people are shit.
  8. My mom put my old school photo in my bedroom; it wasn't pretty Just forget about it, school is a waste of time and full of people who you will never see again.
  9. awesome, do you have any more info?
  10. I am also 17 I only received one valentines card, and that was from a creepy guy who decided it was a good idea to list the various ways and positions which we could "celebrate our love". I'm not sure if it was a joke or if he was being serious but it was creepy and not something you really wanna read about at 15