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  1. Not for a few years; early high school. I'm in year 11 now and the last time I was teased was in like year 8/9 I think. I'm pretty sure I don't get teased simply because I now work out and I'm no longer a loner. And Werkzeug, I could so imagine myself frowning and saying "fuck off" in that situation. Like not in a way that shows I'm hurt but rather in a way that shows I'm not one to take insults.
  2. I scanned the post. Seems like your jealousy is largely unwarranted. And yes, I am aware that I've got an extremely limited perspective. I've read something about your sister not having a psychological disorder and I'm assuming you think she's faking it. Idk if it's true or not, but if she does indeed have a psychological disorder (anorexia etc) then you're being kinda harsh. If not, I still say you may be over analyzing and perhaps redirecting your frustration onto her. I mean the way you put i
  3. Limit myself to once a week. Not cos I believe in this acne crap though. From what I've read masturbating decreases testosterone levels when done frequently. Fuck me if I'm gonna effeminate myself for about 6 seconds' pleasure.
  4. Less is more if you have the body. If you don't, may as well be poking people's eyes out. Keep in mind though if you're hot, you're hot regardless of what you wear. Your only disadvantage will be in that if a girl of equal attractiveness comes along, you're done for. Against average girls, you still win hands down any day.
  5. Doesn't matter, as long as I find her attractive. Personally I'd rather not date a girl for a mutual pity-fest.
  6. Undesirable maybe, but far from the most. There are guys at my school with clear skin but they're total losers. I know for a fact that I'm more desirable than them. There are times where I feel like shit but they're fleeting moments at best. If for some reason I feel shit for more than a lil while, typically I'll forget about it within a couple days.
  7. There are exceptions but I'm talking your average guy, who just glances at a girl. Even if she's bitchy etc, he'll still find her hot. In bed, your dick may fail you due to nerves etc. I suppose using whether or not you get an erection wasn't the smartest of ideas but it was the quickest way of getting my point across short of typing "you find her physically attractive" all the time. It also has a harder impact since erections are associated with sex. You still found the girl hot (my point all a
  8. My point all along wasn't that Megan Fox was attractive as a guaranteed but rather she was attractive to the majority. I'm anything but a psychologist, I'm simply using psychology and biology to state why I'm right. The majority of humanity lean towards the same standards (conformity) and have set instincts in whom they choose for mates. Following this, it's almost guaranteed that you WILL get a boner if Megan Fox started coming onto you. Mental attraction and the like are moot factors. I'll adm
  9. Now, how bout everyone give me a LOGICAL explanation why I'm wrong. Not some bs about how not everyone's the same. Humanity CAN be generalized. Psychology and biology exist for a reason. Biology states we want the best possible mates. Psychology states everyone can be manipulated. Don't give me some bs about how humans are sophisticated and the like; our brains now are no different than they were 30, 000 years ago during the caveman era. Hell, they're no different than they were 195, 000 years
  10. Not everyone; simply the majority of humanity. Otherwise psychology would be a dead field. I grasp it; I simply don't believe it. But w/e, we'll agree to disagree. You won't bone Megan Fox. Kudos to you. :liar: Don't get so damn high and mighty; humans are nothing more than articulate apes. We follow basic psychological rules that CAN and HAVE been manipulated. There's heaps of shit on conformity, obedience, not to mention the bystander effect and the tri-component model of attitu
  11. Tbh, I'm a bored teen procrastinating his holiday homework. Yes, people have different tastes, but the majority of humanity can be generalized, that's why psychology exists. This is useful. It requires me to debate; far more useful than watching tv I reckon.
  12. No, I don't use these terms with the ladies. Judging by my grammar, it'd be obvious to the casual observer my literary skills surpass the norm. My point is not whether or not you WOULD screw a girl outside a relationship. My point is that regardless of your morals, you're biologically programmed to get a boner when you see someone physically attractive. I like how you either completely missed the fact that I was joking or decided to take ME literally. Either way, this sentence is irreleva
  13. I would be if I didn't have so much fucking homework...
  14. I haven't misunderstood anything. You find intelligence necessary in a women overall as in the whole package. I'm talking baseline physical attraction. That's also what the OP was talking about. In your post, you said you found her ugly, EVERYTHING about her ugly. That includes physical looks. Granted, I wouldn't want a relationship with Megan Fox, I'd still want to screw her. Sure, if Megan Fox came up to you and started hitting on you, you wouldn't do a thing. If she stood there naked