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  1. Hi, I popped a pimple right between my eye and where the nose start to slant. I had difficulty popping it and just kept trying like an idiot. After a while i finally succeeded but it swelled up a little bit for a couple days where i could really feel it like a small bruise under my eye. The swelling went away after a couple days. Anyways, it has been like 2 weeks now and it has completely gone down but there has been this red mark there that hasnt gone away. I feel I have bruised the tissue
  2. Its like right above the lip to be more specific im 100% sure its a pimple
  3. Hi I play trumpet on a regular basis a have got a big pimple on my upper lip right where you put the mouthpeice. I had to play for 2 hours yesterday and 2 hours every day for the next four days, it is unavoidable. When i play it hurts and becomes irritated/swollen. I can deal with the pain i just don't want scarring. A few years ago i had the same problem and i attempted to pop it and it caused a scar. HELP WHAT DO I DO?