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  1. I've had an interesting experience with Spiro and quite different from what most people seem to go through. When I first started taking Spiro, my skin cleared up right away. I had suffered from mild/moderate acne around my cheeks and chin. In the past I had used Minocycline, which worked quite well for awhile and then would stop working after 3-6 months. After being on Spiro for 6-8 weeks, I began to break-out on my chin and jawline- areas that I never had acne before. However, the rest of my fa
  2. I completely understand. I feel the exact same way. My biggest dream is to wake up with no makeup on and feel confident that my skin looks good. It's natural to want your fiance to think you are beautiful, in and out. I hope the Spiro works for you! I'm trying it again after using it on and off for the last year...
  3. Thank you for the comment. My doctor did prescribe 25 mg 3x/day, so I have enough for that. I've been quite sensitive to the side effects of Spiro and have had a hard time taking more than 50 mg. I wasn't sure if anyone had success with taking a low dose three times a day instead, or if it would be best to take 25mg in the am and 50 mg in the pm.
  4. Hello, I was wondering how what the average dose everyone is taking and what time they take it. I am taking 25 mg in the morning and 25 mg in the evening, at 8:30 am and 7:30 pm. However, I am still having some breakouts in the afternoon and am wondering if I should add another dose in during the day. Has anyone had luck with taking Spiro 3x/day? I don't know if that would be better than increasing one of my doses to 50 mg. Thanks for any input!
  5. Bizz~ Have you made any progress with your medications? I am in a similar situation and have been taking Spiro and an anti-depressant together for the last 2 years. I feel that the Spiro works a bit, but I still have frequent breakouts. I tried to off of it and had terrible breakouts in response. I recently was diagnosed with PCOS. I think the Spiro may not have been working as it should have because I do not have the proper levels of estrogen and progesterone. You should definitely get test
  6. Thanks. My skin is always good right away when taking it and then starts to get worse, with constant little breakouts. I have stayed on it for up to 5 months taking 50 mg/day, which I am doing now. I tried taking more and it didn't go very well. I attempted to stop it altogether last month and had a terrible, cystic breakout- so I went right back on it. My testosterone levels were normal- the Progesterone and FSH were off. I tried BCP and am now on the Climara Patch and taking oral Progester
  7. I am no expert on PCOS, but my OB-Gyn said it can happen to women who are on the low-end of their weight range. The doctor told me that if I exercise less and had a bit more body fat, my hormones may normalize but there is no way to know for sure. I don't plan to stop exercising, so I do my best to make sure I'm eating well. That can be hard with my sweet tooth and coffee addiction: ) After experiencing some bad breakouts when I lost a few pounds, I think it's not worth being really skinny if it
  8. I have been taking Spironolactone on and off for the last year and a half for adult hormonal acne. I had moderate acne as a teen that mostly cleared up when I was 18. I started getting cystic acne when I was 23 and have been taking Spiro for it. When I first take the Spiro, it immediately clears up my skin for up to 4 weeks, and then my skin starts breaking out again. I don't get cysts, but smaller pimples around my chin and jawline. I never used to get acne in these areas before. Has anyone els
  9. Hi there, I can relate to your story. I had mild acne as a teen, but it cleared up when I was 18 and I was pretty clear until I was 23. I'm 26 now and have been dealing with a return of acne for the past few years. After struggling to treat it for a few years with antibiotics, I finally saw an OB-GYN and was just diagnosed with PCOS. I tried BCP and it did help clear up my skin when I was taking it briefly, but I had to stop due to the side effects. I would recommend trying Yaz or Ortho Tri
  10. I completely relate to what you said. My skin has a similar break-out pattern as you. I'll can be pretty good for a week or two and then it will all of sudden flare up and I'll look awful. When that happens, I don't want to go out or see anyone. I just want to wait until it gets better. My friends get confused because I can go from being very social and outgoing to depressed and introverted quickly, just based on my skin. Its so hard to deal with isn't it?
  11. I have drier, more sensitive skin and it is always worse in the winter. I have to be careful not to take too many hot showers- and use a really good moisturizer. I live in Seattle so the weather gets pretty gross this time of year. Whenever the sun comes out, my skin clears up significantly
  12. Maybe you are not getting enough (healthy) fat in your diet on a daily basis. If you are thin, your body especially likes getting these healthy sources of fat such as nut butter and avocados. I am also smaller and my skin and hair look better when integrate some fat into what I'm eating. You may getting the calories you need, but a binge could be triggered because your body wants other nutrients.
  13. Another good scar cream I found is called Scarzone. It isn't cheap either- about $11.00 for a tube- but that its a small price to pay for fixing a scar and it lasts a long time
  14. I have definitely cancelled a date because I thought my skin looked bad. You can reschedule, but make sure you don't cancel a second time- you don't want to come off as flakey. It really sucks when you are getting to know someone new and you just want them to see you at your best. Just try and be realistic about your skin. I always say "I'll go out when I look better" but I never seem to be completely happy with how I look and it can turn into an excuse not to do things that are uncomfortable
  15. I understand too! I also like sweet foods and have such a hard time not touching my skin. I am eating less sugar now and it has improved my complexion. Just cut it out gradually. You don't have to eliminate sugar from your diet completely. Honestly, a little bit in moderation will not cause you to break out. I found the biggest help was stop picking at my skin. This is the biggest thing that makes me break out. Just practice, practice not doing and slowly it will become a habit not to. Think th