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  1. Well that is good to hear Arcade! By the way, you did a great job on the video!
  2. Day 63 Hey guys, it has been a while since I have last updated. I have now been on my Roaccutane course, just over 2 months. My dosage has not changed since, I am still having 2x 20mg Oratane capsules daily. I have been experiencing the normal side effects such as sunburn and dryness, but my dryness hasn't been too bad, which is great! Now...the improvement of my acne? No changes, I guess. Nothing dramatic, is what I mean to say. I have a feeling that it is improving slowly. I'm only ha
  3. Hey, I notice that you are on 60mg daily, that seems to be a lot. I know it depends on your age and weight as well though.

  4. Day 14 Not any improvement as yet, as you would expect being this far in with my course. A couple of days ago, I had a really bad breakout on my chin and with a massive, painful cyst in the middle of it. It's getting better though, thankfully. Today, I am starting my 40mg daily of Isotretinoin which is great! My first two weeks of my course, I was told to have 20mg daily, but now I am told to have 40mg daily (2 pills). *Sigh* Now back to my assignment...
  5. http://www.youtube.com/user/BritishWizard Is this your profile on YouTube, Arcade? Lol.
  6. It's great to hear that your skin is in good condition. Thanks Arcade, I hope it does work too. I'll search for the video on YouTube. See ya later.
  7. Judging by my dosage of Roaccutane, when would I most likely start becoming dry?
  8. Thanks for the advice and help, teepstergirl. I'll take it all on board. I will have a look at your log, now and in the future. Best of luck with the rest of your course!
  9. Well said SKguy. I love your attitude, everybody should think like that. Keep it up and I hope all goes well at your new school.
  10. I've got a question, already, haha. Can I still cleanse my face in the morning and night with a cleanser while on the Roaccutane course? Is it recommended?
  11. Thanks Lady Odd Duck, it is great to be back and I do hope all goes well with it.
  12. Yeah, it is. Around your neck doesn't sound any better though. Okay, thanks noto214, best of luck with your treatment!
  13. Thankyou, I will have a look. Best of luck with the rest of your course.
  14. Hey guys. This is basically my official log for Isotretinoin (genuine name, Roaccutane). I am currently a 16 year old male. Being a teenage with acne, you want to treat it, to get rid of it, for several different reasons, especially with the type of acne that I have. I have cystic acne all over the tip part of my nose, which is the main problem and some on my chin. I have had this problem for a few years. I've tried different methods before going on Isotretinion, which you should. I hav