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  1. For the record, I will make an experiment this week. This past week or so I have been MISSING sun light so I didn't walk around with an umbrella. I would say that in an average week day, I walk around for at least a full hour in the sun. I think I took too much sunlight because my skin is extremely dry again. Week 4: Missing Week 5:
  2. It was a good theory my brother had. I have got yet another HUGE cyst in my neck. I can't remember having one as big as this one. I have been applying ice to it and tetracycline ointment as suggested here. I feel miserable because cysts hurt so much. I wish I could figure out why I'm breaking out so much. *sigh*
  3. Actually I have been using Cetaphil again because I just started to apply BP twice a day. My skin is super duper dry. Anyhow, my brother gets a handful of zits a year. And a couple of cysts a year. He have had TWO cysts in TWO weeks. Exactly during the time I got 5 huge cysts on my face and some in my back. It was actually my brother that came to me with a theory it was the Christmas cakes we were eating after the holidays. Guess what? We stopped eating these and neither one of us got any new
  4. I'm on week 5 and not only I had a cystic break out but also my face is stiff and quite dry. I would suggest you not only to lower the dose but maybe skip a day or two. What I do is wash my face, apply moisturizer with jojoba oil. But I don't use BP so my skin gets a break. I will try a lower dose than I'm used to until my skin gets back to normal.
  5. My face feels stiff as well. Whenever this happens I stop using BP for a few days and apply moisturizer to give my skin a little break. I will try using LESS BP than usual now to see if I can still apply some... that's what I do and it still it takes a few days to feel better.
  6. Thanks for your reply! I just saw AHA on the drug store the other day. My best friend also uses AHA and she is using BP as a spot treatment. Definitely her skin is light years away better than mine but it is oily and she gets break outs from time to time. I will wait for my skin to get used to BP then I will try to use AHA as well. I have had a cystic break out. First one in YEARS. It was actually my friend who pointed out it might have been Cetaphil's moisturizer. So I stopped using it so I
  7. Guys, I have had the first cystic acne break out in YEARS. I'm quite worried about it. I know I mentioned this before but anyway, since I started using L'oreal Cashmere Perfect foundation my cystic acne was GONE. I haven't had a single cyst in YEARS! Instead I would get very superficial acne that was easy to pop and wouldn't leave many scars. So I'm using BP for a month now, stopped using this make up since L'oreal doesn't manufacture it anymore. I did change one thing on the regimen recently,
  8. Not feeling great this week. I'm recovering from a BAD cold and it was a struggle to keep up with the regimen. It seems like fever does help clean up acne! LOL! I tried using the regimen twice today. This is actually the 4th week that will be starting tomorrow, I'm using 2/3 of a finger of BP already. My face is BURNING a lot now even with Cetaphil's moisturizer. YIKES! But tonight when I was applying the moisturizer, I couldn't believe my skin. I haven't seen it clean like this... since I was
  9. I fell in love with Cetaphil moisturizer for extremely dry/sensitive skin. It is SUPER thick and has no UV protection so I only use it at night. It doesn't sting when I use it with BP and my face is not dry anymore. It is perfect. My face FEELS and looks greasy, it sure does. It doesn't clog my pores and doesn't break me out though. I was going to buy Cetaphil's one with UV protection but I might as well stick to Neutrogena. I don't really like it but it is working. I have been going out in t
  10. It is hard for us but not impossible. I have a job as a receptionist. I went for interviews for 3 months and I only did get this job because they needed someone with fluent English to deal with foreign clients on the phone all day. I'm going to change jobs this year and I am NOT looking forward for dreadful interviews. Ugh. Study. Get qualifications to make you stand out on the market and you can get a job even if you have acne and scarring like I do.
  11. I have been using BP only at night for 3 weeks now. I suppose it all depends on our skins but so far it is working for me. I cannot stand the thought of waking up in the morning and having to do the regimen. My routine is jump out of bed, take a shower and dress up to go to work. Instead of using foundation, now I apply fps 15 moisturizer and go to work. Takes about the same time. I actually started the regimen on my time off for the holidays and at first my skin did NOT adapt to 2 shots of BP
  12. I didn't give up yet but I've been tempted. After getting my skin burnt on the second week, I had to stop using BP for a day or two for it to recover. Got some jojoba oil, it helped with the flakes. And then came my period and my usual break out. I have a new (PAINFUL!) cyst in my chest and I did not care to count how many in my back... but I can feel them. In my face, only two large zits on my neck. I popped one which shrunk in amazing speed with BP. Its neighbor which I didn't pop is still he
  13. I used L'oreal Cashmere Perfect for years. It was a miracle for my skin, got rid of cystic acne on my cheeks. Brilliant product that made my skin MUCH better but not clear at all. L'oreal doesn't make it anymore so I need new make up. I tried to survive without make up but no can do!!! Does anyone here use Revlon's New Complexion One Step Compact Makeup??? This is the close in texture to Cashmere Perfect. I wonder if it would be okay to use it. I can find Revlon's Color Stay foundation here, th
  14. Guys, here is the deal. I apply BP, my skin gets tight. I apply Neutrogena's moisturizer (the one you can get all over Latin America that is) and THEN it burns like fire. Last night I couldn't stand it so I washed it all off. 24 hours later, I finally got hold of some jojoba oil this afternoon so I applied to my skin since it is so unbelievably dry. It felt better in fact. I decided to apply some moisturizer. Please note that I took a shower right before so my skin PROBABLY doesn't have any BP