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  1. Mollyinoregon

    . answered .

    iloverain, I understand that we have the tendency to judge ourselves more harshly than others do so I am trying to see where you're coming from... but! You have beautiful skin. It's clear, scar/redmark free, and practically glowing. I'm actually quite jealous! However, maybe these pictures were just taken on a really, really, really, great skin day for you perhaps? Regardless though, I am not seeing the wrinkles you are so worried about and those photographs are pretty closeup. PLEASE, you're a
  2. Mollyinoregon

    Sitting in the derm waiting room

    I HATE having to tell the reception what my appointment is for. I feel like it is always dead quiet in the waiting room when I have to do that. Even over the phone I'm embarrassed to tell them the appt is for acne! I guess that is sort of silly, huh? I can understand your dread. I never went to the derm without makeup though.. couldn't bear it! He could see my acne just fine with makeup anyway. It will be worth the time, effort, and dread for you to hopefully find the answer you've been looki
  3. I don't know why people think this is okay to comment on. I've been there too.. "Are you sunburnt?" "Get a little sun this weekend?".. I used to work at a bank and customers would often comment on my skin. I remember having a bad pimple on my nose and a customer saying it looked like I got socked in the face. Wow, thanks. I've also had people congratulate me on my pregnancy (when wearing the empire waist tops). Bottom line: People are dumb.
  4. I know that we view ourselves more harshly than the outside world does, so I can understand your insecurities. However, I want you to know that I think you have beautiful skin! And you are by no means unattractive either. You're a good looking guy! Get out there and enjoy your life! I know, easier said than done, but that is my advice from a girl's prospective.
  5. Mollyinoregon

    Touching yourself

    I concur! This is a very far off ambition for me right now...
  6. Mollyinoregon

    do any other girls do this??

    I'm 24. Still haven't grown out of a lot of my skin insecurities yet.. Especially feelings around not being one of those girls that are considered "naturally beautiful." I applaud you for maturing and overcoming your woes around this issue though!
  7. Mollyinoregon


  8. Mollyinoregon

    do any other girls do this??

    I've definitely had this same thought before. I even worry about getting in a serious relationship in which I will be expected to be seen without makeup from time to time..and I am NOT okay with that, the very idea of it frightens me. I think that I am pretty much hideous WITHOUT foundation.. However, I also feel like I am false advertising wearing it as well. I can relate 100%.
  9. Mollyinoregon

    less oily skin and hair, weight loss of 10lbs, acne has improved need to be consistent with taking dose at certain times to keep a steady amount of the med in your system, may lower BP although it didnt lower mine, and may urinate more often but I didn't notice that either Definite improvement. I started out at 25mg and worked up to 200mg a day, I've only been taking the 200 mg a day for little over a month now but I've noticed a significant change in my skin. I don't breakout constantly anymore