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  1. It is true that you're supposed to wear the goggles, because of the UV rays. I'm just stubborn. I also find that if you wear that half the time it helps with the white spots, and won't be noticeable. I haven't had any issues yet, and I used to go, a lot. Don't use the goggles at your own risk though.
  2. I really don't think this is really true IMO. Although it may not be the most popular on this board, other forums seem to approve of ram a lot. And Retin-A will not not "destroy" layers of your skin. It peels them on and accelerates the 'cellular renewal'. And it is used as anti-aging so instead of causing your skin to become old and wrinkley it's actually resisting that.
  3. I'm on it right, at about 3 1/2 weeks and am starting to see some results. My acne was pretty well controlled with just minocycline and a tan, heh. But I wanted to be completely so I made the hop to it. I think it can take up to 6 weeks till you start to see some results with full at 12. My face is still has some redness and such but has really calmed down. I've heard some people getting very nice results from this stuff so I'm going to stick with it till 12 weeks. www.retinamicro.com has
  4. Kinda of a stupid argument but I've thought about how some people in less fortunate countries are probably exposed to sunlight much more than the norm, without sunscreen. I think as long as you're reasonable with your exposure, you should be alright. If you get burned a few times you're not going to get skin cancer. Oh the hysteria.
  5. I know tanning isn't good, but I found this site kinda informing. www.tanningtruth.com
  6. Has anyone actually tried? I realize it's a big no-no, but I'm stubborn, very stubborn. I'm going to be at arizona state university anyways, and certainly I'm not going to sit in the shade during pool parties I have a friend that has done it on differin and minocycline, with nooo problem, and getting reallly dark, and he has similar skin to mine. I really never burn, and know my limits. But, I have to admit, I don't know my limit while on R.A.M. Of course I'd be careful, and take it easy,
  7. Just be careful it's hard to keep yourself from going more, since the more you go, the better your skin looks. Somtimes I'd end up going 5 times/week and I have really mild acne. Then again, I just don't burn.
  8. Tanning will always make acne prone skin look better. But after doing it for quite a few years, I find that because it's only a temporary solution, it can become kinda 'addictive' actually. I found myself using tanning as my acne treatment. Not sure what your routine is or anything, but I'd suggest finding a product that clears your acne, and use a tanning bed/sun with that. Just my .02
  9. You could give one of those tanning lotions a try. They help to keep it even and I think it can speed things up a bit. Really expensive for the good ones though. australiangold.com
  10. I just got Retin-A Micro .04% for my relatively mild acne, and have heard varying reports that you can, and can not use moisturizer with the product at the same time. What's the verdict? My issue is that I'll often wash my face in the evening or so, and then go out again, and I don't know if I'd be a huge fan of having flaking and dryness all over my face. Does this subside completely or?