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  1. Christopher512

    New to the website and new to accutane.

    I know people saw through my acne, and they will see through yours too. We can't be too hard on ourselves for something we can't control, i wish you the best of luck with finding your individual cure. Accutane isn't for everyone, but there is something out there for you. Keep searching and never give up on yourself!
  2. Christopher512

    If you are thinking about trying Accutane...

    HoopsJunkie631, Side effects were dry itchy skin, chapped lips. My little more peculiar ones included sensitivity to louder noises, they made me cringe... And i also had a very tense spine. Whenever i would lay down after a long day i could feel every vertebrae in pain and couldn't sleep for a good 10 minutes until they finally relaxed. No intense migraines, but i certainly wouldn't rule it out as a possible side-effect.
  3. Christopher512

    If you are thinking about trying Accutane...

    More photos! All from during my accutane procedure, really just want you guys to know that this stuff works! I hear so many people talk about health concerns/risks they heard from their brother's boyfriend's sister. 6 months is all it takes to change your life! (In my case seven ) Another thing, if your dermatologist thinks you should be on a higher dosage, they will ask your opinion first! Say yes, they would never recommend something that you wouldn't benefit from. Yes, i was taking the d
  4. Do it! I struggled with severe nodular acne for most of my middle-school years, and all of my highschool years. I finally made the decision to try accutane, and honestly i was disappointed with the results. After nearly 5 months in i was seeing no results still had bad flare-ups, irritatingly dry skin, and of course, the chapped lips. I went for a 7 month period due to my dermatologists recommendation, and was placed on 90mg when 40 was recommended for my body weight. I had SEVERE acne, but n
  5. Christopher512

    Day 115

    Face is clearish, going to see the derm in 4 days or so. The clear face was nice with prom being last night but it still isn't where i want it to be. Dryness is subsiding again. I feel like she may bump me up even more, but i`m not sure if 100mg is even a legal dosage haha. Anyways still largely better than it was when i started accutane. 2 Months left to go and i hope i can be flawless by then! I plan on figuring out how to post before and after pictures at the end of my treatment so i can show
  6. Christopher512

    Day 95

    Saw the Doc last week. She decided that i should go higher so up i went. Not particularly happy about being bumped up to now 80mg.. started at 40... I do recall her telling me that usually a patient doesn't go higher in mg than they weigh in kg. Well atleast i have a certain flare to me. Who cares if my acne is bad if i can be a special case anyways right? haha. Anywho, as expected, but much more severe this time around, serious dryness. Now on the forehead aswell when before it was focused
  7. Christopher512

    Day 84

    It's been a while since i have posted an entry, been pretty busy lately. But thanks to springs break, i have some time off and my face is looking more or less okay. It's not outbreak free however i have been in the sun alot which is most likely damaging it. Nose-bleeds are less and less frequent due to the warmer more humid weather i imagine. Chapped lips are still quite persistant and my face is still usually dry however i think that will begin to fade as the summer season approaches.
  8. Christopher512

    Day 60

    Month two down! So saw my derm the other day. Had major swelling and painful outbreaks around my mouth. Wasn't too excited to see her because i figured she would just bump me up to a higher dosage due to my obvious lack of results. Turns out all the stuff on my face was infected. Recently i had been picking at them alot and dirt/whatever from my fingers had infected them and made the swell. She prescribed 10 days of antibiotic pills along with a topical paste that i was to rub over my face. T
  9. Christopher512

    Day 49

    So face is still pretty dry. Lips still pretty chapped. Skin seems a little less-irritated. Most likely just getting over the breakout from the higher-dosage. Cold weather is coming back recently which isn't helping all the other issues. The soreness in my back that i used to get when bending over had gone away a few weeks ago but it's gradually coming back. Didn't have anything major to report but i was bored and thought i mine as well do another entry.
  10. Christopher512

    Day 40

    Three days ago i had mild skin. Waking up today and looking in the mirror makes me want to cry. The higher dosage definitely had a negative re-action and my skin is not taking it well. I know it's only for the best and in a few weeks it will get better but whilst already being affected by a fever the last thing i need is a zit covered face.
  11. Christopher512

    Day 39

    So after being pumped up to 60mg i thought of it as no big deal. My face is now red, irritated, and breaking out with insanely chapped lips. Since i was lucky enough to never have an initial breakout on the 40mg i went into this new dosage with confidence. I definitely got hit hard though. My derm said that after two weeks i should begin to see improvements so hopefully soon. I don't particularly enjoy being bumped up to a higher dosage, but if it's necessary, everyone on here knows what length
  12. Christopher512

    Day 32

    First month done! Not really a milestone i suppose, but felt important. Dermatologist told me that results aren't usually seen at this stage yet but that nothing seems out of the ordinary with my skin. She bumped me from 40mg to 60mg. Told me that i should see a flare up in the next two weeks due to the higher dosage but that after that i should start to see noticeable results. So the only annoying thing is the lips still. I mean i thought i knew chapped lips before this medication but it