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  1. dan2x

    Regimen and flaking in hairline

    Could you elaborate on that one?
  2. dan2x

    Regimen and flaking in hairline

    Yes, most likely you're experiencing Seborrhoeic dermatitis and it has nothing to do with the regimen. As for that Selsun Blue you're talking about, which one you're using? The one you can buy without a prescription (selenium disulfide (1%) --> pretty useless if you ask me) or the one you could only get with a prescription (selenium disulfide (2.5%) --> might be of some help) Anyway, as this might well be the case, if selenium disulfide doesn't work for you, try with a Ketoconazole based
  3. calm down! I can feel your pain but hey "you're freaking young!", there is no need to despair at such a young age. When you'll be older these days you're in right now, might not have any value whatsoever; the best of life has still to come. IMHO best years come are after 20-21, so chill down and relax till then, you're not missing out that much and who knows by that time your hormones might have calmed down and cleared up your skin by itself. I'm not that old either(just 24) but when I think of
  4. It's crazy, right? I ordered it on 12 April 2010, received a notification from those jolly people working at customs(how thoughtful of them!) on May 8th; and after sending them a paper where I openly testify that they could have my soul should they just wish for it, the package finally arrived about a month and 2 weeks later on June 22. Of course, they brilliantly thought that sending all my data and my soul might not have been compelling enough, so I had to pay 1.5 times the sum I had already
  5. It has finally arrived! Just yesterday, after a long journey through customs and such(Yuk! They demanded more than half the price of the entire package as fee ) Luckily the old BP has still some days to go before becoming completely empty. Just for the records The new tube weighs 262 grams. cheers
  6. I know but for this one time I still just ordered one 8oz of treatment(and 6oz of AHA). Next time I'll try to be more generous with quantity, although I believe that shall make my packet extremely more appealing to customs. Anyway if anyone will be so kind and patient as to weigh a brand-new 8oz BP tube, I'll be much obliged to him/her. (The outer tube probably weighs just enough to make my rough guess totally faulty)
  7. Yes, so do I! Considering that it's just like a month I'm blissfully devoid of that befallen misfortune called acne(after as long as 2 months of religious regimen applications lol) , I would so much hate to fall again in its unforgiving grasp!
  8. Sadly, it's not so simple for I am an international BP user and they don't make 2.5% BP gels here, they all start from friggin 5%. At the beginning I've actually started the regimen with a 5% tube I got at the local store while waiting the 2.5-BP I had ordered, and it was unbearably harsh on my skin. When I finally switched to the 2.5%, which arrived in the mail 2 months later—thank you customs—it was like putting on some fresh water; that is I was so used to that 5% reddening harshness that my
  9. Hello there, I think I've used more than a half of my BP tube, and I'm waiting for a new one to come in the mail. Problem is I don't know if it's gonna make it before I finish this one, could someone kindly post the weight of the Full (brand new) BP 8oz tube so that I could try a rough guess at how much is actually left? I don't use the full, daily-standard amount of BP because I don't need it for to my whole face(just forehead and upper-cheeks), so the usual wearing-down-in-1-month does not ap
  10. Good luck to you girl! I'm just entering month-two and things have unexpectedly improved: I was using a 5% BP gel and was sorely flaky, but when switched to Dan's 2.5%BP it almost completely went away in a week, either because it was less irritating or because my skin has became accustomed. The nice thing is that even if my skin was looking like dry leather just 2 weeks ago, now it's soft and acne-free(apart form 2 bumps which are not that visible). keep it up, cheers!
  11. dan2x

    BP making my eyes burn??

    I experience exactly the same! They burn pretty hard for some time and I don't know what to do when they do. I actually think it might be the fumes either getting directly into my eyes or somewhere connected to them(nose). I'm very cautious avoiding the eye area, so I doubt it can be that. Anyway it doesn't happen every time, just at times. When they sting and burn I usually keep applying water to my eyes hoping to solve it but it takes a bit for it to calm down and it's really not pleasurable.
  12. W00t? I would stay away from Clindamycin, as every other topical antibiotic works only for the shortest period of time if you're lucky, and not at all if you aren't. I've used it as a spot treatment years ago, and it used to make em less red and helped with the healing, but as of now I've come to the point where the pimple gets worst whenever I put it on. Nice uh? Anyway I wanted to add that Bp is working for me, so far(about 1 month), but my acne wasn't that bad in the first place, it was on
  13. Hi there, Well? How is it going? Keep us posted. I'm at my 22nd day in the regimen and would very like to know whether you're doing any better or not. thanks, dan.
  14. I'm following this log as well, keep us posted thanks. ps: I've recently started the regimen too, but I'm way too keyboard-lazy to write a log lol.
  15. dan2x

    My Log..

    I know this is a 2 years old topic but I accidentally stumbled on it and now I'm very curios to know how things went by. Do you still have acne? What happened with the regimen? Did it work or what? Thanks for any possible reply of yours. ps: I've just started the same regimen you did 2 years ago.